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  1. Well I hate bp. It bleaches everything and is a pain to apply. And I wear makeup so there's no way I can use a full finger of Dan's bp (no matter how awesome it is) plus moisturize and get my face to look normal. Nah. I'll take the clindamycin. Any mod that would like to delete this log sure can. No longer using the acne.org regimen. It helped my acne a little, but just doesn't fit in well with my lifestyle anymore.
  2. Nope. Not doing any better. My sister is going to send me clindamycin next month which is what keeps her skin clear and worked for me when I was pregnant. I still use b.p. in the morning but I can't tell that it does much. AF is due Friday so my face is a mess. I hate it.
  3. Well at my last post I was working on clearing up an A.F. breakout. It didn't clear, plus I ovulated twice last month so broke out that entire week! So guess what that means people??? Yep, red marks! bleh. Hate em. I haven't been using the b.p. religiously, though I've found more often than not it works better in my schedule to apply it in the morning. Nighttime is usually just too busy and I want to fall into bed and not worry about bleaching stuff. Mornings are slower after I get the kiddos to
  4. Okay I have no idea what day this is, I just know it's been over three months now. We moved into our new house on the 19th of December!! Woo Hoo! I love it! That's why I couldn't update. I have only missed about three random days of b.p. in the midst of it all and managed to stay fairly clear until last week when A.F. was due. Again. LOTS of little red stubborn whiteheads around my nose/mouth area. And I got a new haircut that I LOVE but I have bangs now and they make my forehead break out On
  5. Day 74.... I started applying a small amount of b.p. in the mornings since my last post. And it is helping so far! I broke out with a few whiteheads in the worst areas and even a couple on my forehead, but I chalk that up to purging and ovulation due in a few days. They died quickly without marking too much. The right side of my neck continues to be a very hormonal spot and b.p. just makes it very red and rashy. Oh well, if I can get the rest of my face clear, I won't worry much about that area
  6. Day 70..... Still breaking out. Old ones from last week are healing, a bunch of new ones on my left cheek and right jawline. Two of those are because I picked though. Stupid me, I know better. The rest are because AF showed up right on time. Still lots and LOTS of marks, esp. on the right side. My forehead and chin continue to respond well to the p.m. b.p. staying very clear, just a small spot here and there. But the sides of my face/cheeks just won't clear up. I HAVE to start using the b.p. i
  7. Day 62... Bad breakout. AF is due this weekend. 5 zits on the left side of my face in front of my ear, small though. One on the right side of my neck...typical hormonal spot for me plus a few new on the bad right side of my face. And mirror zits...one on each temple. Add all that on top of what was already NOT healing and BLEH. My skin looks awful compared to what it looked like last week. I know it will heal, I just wish I could've prevented it in the first place. Used b.p. this morning, gonn
  8. Day 58.... This is actually the end of week 8. My skin has been healing over the last week. The red marks from my lastbreakout are pretty big and taking awhile to fade, but overall I am still seeing improvement. A pea size blob every night is enough to keep my forehead clear. Need a little more for my chin. I have yet to clear my cheeks/sides of my face. Going to keep using the b.p. at night and add some in the mornings whenever I can (meaning, not under makeup! I mean seriously, who can use a
  9. I am using L'Oreal's Skin Genesis spf 15 lotion. It's fragrance free and light but very hydrating. Goes on great under my makeup. I know it's not on the recommended "list" but I haven't broken out from it and absolutely NO burning after applying it. I got some half price at CVS (it's normally $20 there). Had about 5 new pimples surface today, due to ovulation I'm pretty sure. They don't bother me too much because the rest of my skin is looking better. Iced and added some xtra b.p. tonight and
  10. I agree. Still you may want to post what products you are using and you said "almost exactly" so therein may lie your problem. You could cut back on the b.p. to let your skin heal a little. I did that several times. My skin definitely got worse before it got better and I am still breaking out a little 8 weeks into it. Granted I took it very slowly and don't use a full amount of b.p. morning and night yet, but this way I was able to skip most of the redness and flaking.
  11. Thanks for following my log...hope this works for you too! I am originally from NC by the way ;)

  12. How is your regimen going sushikam?

  13. I'm so glad you've been reading I know it can get tedious sometimes! Things ARE looking up. I am still breaking out, just starting week 8 but they are much smaller and heal much faster than what I was dealing with early on. Stay consistent, listen to your skin, it WILL get better. Day 51.... I have been seeing slow improvement since I stopped using the Cetaphil lotion. I tried it again a few days ago and BAM two whiteheads on my top lip. Coincidence? I think not. I haven't been able to buy AH
  14. Thank you for reading sushikam! It helps to know others are in this with me So Day 47..... Skin is healing! Breakouts have slowed. I have been icing my face at night after washing. I just take a small ice cube and gently rub it all over until it melts, then pat dry and wait the usual 10 or 15 minutes to apply a finger length of b.p. It seems to help with the circulation and red marks! Broke out a little on my right jawline and a few other small random ones, but overall definite improvement. Go
  15. Day 44.... My face is a mess of red and purple marks of all shapes and sizes. I hate to think about how I looked this time last year when I was pregnant and using clindamycin. I barely needed makeup. Makes me sad because I know it will take forever for these marks to heal. I actually only have one small active zit so I am happy about that and I am loving the loreal moisturizer. It felt really good on top of the b.p. last night. Not greasy and did not burn. I had planned on using the full finger