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  1. lumpylemur

    33 And Horrid Bacne

    I'm near my mid thirties and for the first time in my life I have bacne. I've always had mild-moderate acne on my face but never on my back, and to a lesser extent my chest. I've never had acne look like this either. Each pimple has a large radiating redness, and the whiteheads are both huge and bubble outwards (think bubble wrap). I don't want to pick at it, and I can't reach it, making bras, shoulder bags, a firm back pat, etc. both dangerous and painful. I've had a few blouses ruined already.
  2. This is going to sound a little crazy, but have you tried taking something for your anxiety? It would help you with your stress level and remove it from the acne equation. It would make it easier to go about your day without worrying about a few spots, perhaps normalize your life regime. That would help reduce stress on you and stress on your skin. Be careful with the way you are reducing your medication. The best way to ramp down is to ask your doctor or pharmacist you want to slowly get off