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  1. Sounds like the receptionist doesnt know what she's talking about. Did you get a chance to talk to the doctor yet? Us poor Hoosier bastards need to stick together.
  2. Keith23: I am in Indiana and am considering Fraxel. Would love to hear how your consultation with Shideler goes. Would love to hear what the recommended treatment plan is, costs, etc. Also does Shideler do the procedure or a PA. Thanks in advance.
  3. I struggle with acne on the jawline with minor breakout along cheeks. Rest of face is usually clear. I've had persistent acne since 12 and am now 36.
  4. Applying a lotion should be fine on dry areas and I think the general rule is to apply the treatment product first and then moisturizer. In another AHA post people who had dry skin would apply a moisturizer after the glycolic acid product. For me, the 10% Glycolic Acid lotion that I use is moisturizing enough. Good luck.
  5. Has anyone gained weight from steroids before? If so, did the weight come off after the treatment ended? ←
  6. Donna: At least you know you are not alone. I have felt exactly the same thing at the salon, in a bar, etc. I really wish they would do something about the lighting at the salon--I don't look at myself either because I just can't stand seeing myself with all the scarring. Things will get better though. Your scars may not go away, but you learn to live with them. Lately, I have found myself going outside without makeup (which I would have never done a year ago) and I am not bothered by wh
  7. Maya: Can the IPL laser be used on all areas of the body, including bikini line? TIA--Patricia
  8. Combining those two regimes is probably way too harsh for your skin. Maybe try cleansing with Blotcha's regime and spot treat with some BP. Try cutting back your regime, drink lots of water and apply a good non-comedogenic moisturizer. HTH and good luck.
  9. Whatever you do don't try and pop the cyst. That's how I got my one and only truely deep scar. Go to a derm and let him/her inject it with cortizone. I have read that some have had bad results with this, try and make sure your derm doesn't inject the stuff too deep into the dermis. That's what causes the scarring. Good luck.
  10. I've been visiting this site for a couple of months, and this is my first post. I thought it was about time I shared my experience with other members. I have been using Mandelic Acid (10%) for about 3 weeks. I still have active acne, and have noticed some overall improvement in my skin tone since starting MA. I have also noticed that my break outs are not as severe, though I still usually have one or two active pimples at any given time. I am still looking for my "holy grail" routine that