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  1. thanks man, but you know how long the redness will stay cause its driving me insane
  2. so like most the other members here i had really bad acne on my face, i took accutane which helped clear my acne, i rarely ever break out ( depends on diet ) but last month i wanted to cure my scars, i have a few on the side of my cheeks and 1 big on on the front, the derm suggested infini and i agreed on the day on the infini ( about 2 days ago, had it done in the afternoon on Wednesday, its Friday morning now), she numbed my whole face for an hour and then did the procedure, during the proce
  3. Hi, heres my story i guess, when i was 14 i got REALLY BAD ACNE ( cyts ), like litreally out of nowhere, i took acctuae and the acne went and honestly i never grow acne again expect for the occisonal pimple which goes fast, the only problem here is, it left my skin looking bad and with many red marks, at first i thought they were hyperpigmentation but theyve been there for almost 2 years now, anyways today i had a derm appoiment and he booked a filler for next week, but not sure if i should get