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  1. If anyone is seriously considering death over acne please please please I urge you to seek help.... Dont just say "get used to it" and live a life full of hatted towards your face. Do not let acne take control of your life like it did with me. My HATRED got so bad that I attempted suicide in the 7th grade over acne that supposedly ruined my life forever. I felt that I couldnt go outside, that my acne stopped me from having a future, that I was going to die alone, that strangers would be nauseate
  2. One of my 7th grade teachers actually told me that I was allowed to use the restroom during class if I wanted to wash my face.... And then she handed me some of HER face wash, saying it was "a miracle".
  3. TW: Suicide mention . Hello everybody! Its been a year since I've even been on this site, but I've returned and am so happy to have read your advice!! This post is old and I probably shouldn't even be commenting on it anymore, but I just couldn't stop myself from thanking all of you (as well as making an update). Shortly after this post was made, I attempted to take my own life. My face tormented me so much that I couldn't even get up in the morning to look at my acne ridden face
  4. Hello. I'm a 13 year old girl in junior high, and obviously, I have severe acne scarring. Of all kinds, too. Box scars, rolling scars, ice pick scars, red scars, brown scars.... you name it. The worse part, is that it isn't even about zits anymore. All the treatments I see on here are STRICTLY for acne, whether it be red bumps or whiteheads. Nothing for my type of situation. And if there are, it's pretty much pointless since it's something that requires insurance like laser treatments or fille
  5. If this doesn't work within at LEAST 3 months, stop using it.

    My doctor gave this to me a long time ago, and a few weeks ago I had to stop using it because I was going to the beach (this gel is known to have bad side-effects if you're in the sun for too long) and during that week at the beach, I could only use my Tazorac night cream for acne. When I got back home after the trip I noticed my skin was actually clearer. I wasn't expecting that AT ALL, since I didn't use it there. I began using it again since I was no longer at the beach and I broke out like C