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    I love to watch good movies such as AMELIE :). I love to read, cook and i loooooooove LOVE LOVE mineral makeup.
  1. Just a radom post of : OMG HOW I LOOOOOOVE MINERAL MAKEUP!!!!! I still after over a year of using mineral makeup CANNOT get over how different my skin looks after I put it on. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!
  2. I've been using Joppa for over a year as well. I love it and recommend it to everyone. It does provide better coverage and has all day staying power. I use it as my base foundation and on any super BAD areas that still manage to poke through I use EM on top. The reason I use EM not Joppa for the top layer coverups is bc it is full coverage so extra coverup builds up and becomes noticable. EM being lighter works perfect for touchups on top.I hope that made sense as I'm falling asleep typing this
  3. The morning dew is okay, for really good skin days and if your skin is not oily. But I prefer the full coverage. As for mixing EM and Joppa it works great as long as you first apply Joppa as an all over foundation then with a smaller brush put EM on areas you need even extra coverage on. It work perfect for me. Good look with Joppa again, I havent had any issues with them at all.
  4. No it wouldn't filter the harmful rays at all.
  5. Mineral makeup is worth all the hype, for sure. It takes some time to learn how to apply it correctly but once you get the hang of it its purely AMAZING.
  6. Since you're going back to Joppa and need good coverage get the full coverage foundation. But hold on to your EM. What I do is apply Joppa as an all over the face base then I blend in EM over the hard to cover areas. Joppa and EM work as a really good regimen together and get me perfect coverage.
  7. Here's what I did when I had a LOOOOT of flaming red marks. I first apply a matte foundation (but I use full cover Joppa minerals as its heavier) I apply it with a big powder brush. That gives me a nice base although the red marks still showed through. Then I take EM foundation using a smaller brush (Premium Foundation brush), I apply the EM over the red marks. It probably sounds like a lot of mineral powder but it looks flawless and covers my marks like magic.
  8. Hey girls (and guys) I'm sure you all heard about many popular lipsticks (such as L'Oreal and Cover Girl) containing lead. I just read that now mercury has been found in some mascars. Mascaras found to contain mercury I think we all deserve to use beauty products that do not also poison our skin and body. Unfortunately it looks like we have to do our own research to make sure that's not the case.
  9. I really hope people won't spend 30 minute in DIRECT sunlight with no sunscreen. Most people's skin will burn, not healthy any way you look at it.
  10. I love the Nick Nack EM blush, I've been wearing it regularly lately and its one of my favorites. I think the new EM website looks really good, I'm so glad they finally changed the color grid, so much more realistic now! Great improvements imo.
  11. I have 4 of Everyday Mineral burshes and theyre all lovely and none of them shed. So that's weird!
  12. Hey bulbagrrl, finishing powders irritate my skin as well. Joppa's, Everyday minerals etc. I stay away from the finishing powders and just use the foundation powders which help soothe my skin and never break me out.
  13. Ah Joppa, I LOOOOOOOVE it. The full coverage powder covers soooo amazingly. I've ordered quite a lot from them in the past few months and have had ZERO problems with getting my order. Looks like they took care of the problems they used to have with cust care. THANK GOODNESS. Joppa provides the best coverage by far.
  14. Great reviews. Everyday minerals and Joppa are by far my favorite.