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  1. I recently started the regimen, and yes no need to remind me, I know it's best if you don't wear makeup when using the Regimen but unfortunately I'm not comfortable going around bare-faced As international shipping is quite expensive, I'm not going to be purchasing the Jojoba Oil separately, so I was wondering if there are any alternative oils I can use to remove my makeup without messing with the results. Are any of these oils safe to use when using the Acne.org regimen? -castor oil -olive
  2. Excellent face masque

    I've been use this masque for years along with the scrub. It does wonders. After using it my skin feels refreshed and as soft as ever. I would recommend using it once or twice a week, not everyday. It does dry out any pimples you have which is a plus, but does not remove it completely. I would recommend using the Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub before applying the Masque.
  3. Made my acne worse

    I bought this product after reading majority of good reviews on it. But after 1 week I had to stop using it. It made my acne worse than it was. I would apply the cream at night on one pimple, and when I wake up the next day I would have 5 more surrounding it. Same thing happened with even the small tiny pimples. I also read some reviews on the cream leaving burn marks. It's true. I had about 2 pimples on my chin, I popped them, applied the cream. And when I woke up the next day my ch
  4. Not for me

    I bought this Cleanser after reading a lot of good reviews about it, hoping it would finally be THE ONE to clear my acne. It has been about two months since I've been using it once-twice a day and it is a good cleanser and makeup remover, but did nothing for my acne. Within the first week of using it, my acne was quite light, but by the second week my acne returned to normal and remained that way until now. I only continued using it since it was much pricier than the regular acne treatments and

    This product is not made for persons suffering from mild or severe acne, it'll just make your acne worse and you'll break out like crazy. I'd recommend it to persons who only get occasionally pimples and only suffer from blackheads.
  6. Made acne worse but good makeup remover

    This face wash did nothing but increase my acne within the first 2 weeks of using it. The smell is also very sickening. However it is a very good makeup remover, and makeup brush cleaner. So if any of you paid some good money for this wash and it doesn't work, don't throw it away, use it for cleaning your makeup tools instead!!
  7. Doesn't treat severe acne

    St.Ives has nice face scrubs/washes, but they do not treat severe acne. I'd probably recommend them for someone looking for a nice face scrub or to treat mild acne. The smell is nice, but after a couple of weeks the smell gets quite sickening, almost as if it's turning stale. I found this happening after the tubes were left opened for a few hours. I used one of each of the St.Ives face washes; deep cleanse, medium and light cleansers and none of them lessened my acne.
  8. Not for me

    Quoted from 'debbouzane': "this stuff feels good on the skin, and it doesnt leave my skin dry, and it smells fantastic! but, it doesnt really do anything for my acne or redness, just leaves my skin feeling good." These are my exact thoughts on this product. I will not be re-purchasing this product, but i'm still going to be using it until this 1 tube is empty since it was one of the 'pricier' face washes and i would hate to see it go to waste. This product was recommended on a blog as "the top
  9. Good moisturiser but not for acne scars

    I bought this product as a moisturizer and for the treatment of my acne scars, but it only does the job of the moisturizer. It is a very good moisturizer i'd say that. It dries matte, leaving a glow and doesn't leave your face looking oily. It goes perfect with my everyday makeup as well. And it does not cause my face to break out at all which I love! Sadly, it doesn't treat blemishes. What I do wish is for a bigger tube since i could've bought at least 2 more moisturizers with the money i paid
  10. Mixed results

    This is my third acne spot cream I've tried and so far its the best. The results are slow, but not as slow as the others I used previously. Sometimes this cream prevents a spot from reaching the top of my skin completely and sometimes it doesn't. It blends well with my skin tone, however large applications does leave dry patches on my face. I recommend just dabbing a tiny amount of the cream on your spots instead of an entire area of your face.
  11. Slow

    Honestly, this is a good product but its not for me. This product removed my acne spots but the results were very slow. I had repurchased the product twice, but it never did the job as fast as I'd seen it work on others. I applied the cream on a couple of spots before they came, they still came however and were as big as ever despite my constant application of the cream. It also made my skin very dry, and caused my face to peel. I eventually gave up the product.
  12. More moisturizer than acne spot treatment

    I used the entire tube but this product did not give me any results. I don't know why i continued using it though, it was probably the smell, or maybe the fact that this was one acne spot treatment that did not leave my skin dry. It was almost like a moisturizer, however it did not remove my acne.