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  1. Hello everybody. I am a 20 year old female who has been scourering the Internet for years searching for answers to my acne problem. After all these years, I am finally ready to make my first post. I am going to tell you my story and share with you how I have finally gotten my skin to be clear and smooth (for the most part!) It all started when I was in eighth grade. I had the most beautiful skin you have ever seen. I'm serious. But I suffered from OCD and I craved regiments and routines in my
  2. I too suffer from extremely oily skin. When I used BP to treat my acne (I used proactiv for 5 whole years), though it made my skin much more manageable, it greatly increased the oil my face was producing. Maybe because it was drying it out so much so my skin had to overcompensate. What I recommend for you.... The worst thing is waking up with skin much worse than when you fell asleep. I had the same problem. Now, I go to sleep every night knowing that I will wake up with smoother clearer skin.