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  1. Awesome. That is great. Just be careful with the Vaseline because it is comedogenic and can cause more pimples.
  2. Hi all, So I have a question... When I'm washing my face, if I scratch an area with my fingernail (like the creases next to my nose) I'll scrape off a little bit of gunk. It's NOT makeup... could it be dead skin cells? Could my acne be caused by all these dead skill cells not getting exfoliated properly? The scrub I am using now gets rid of it for the most part.
  3. The two that have always worked best for me are: Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer http://www.simpleskincare.com/our-products/product/replenishing-rich-moisturizer.html and Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel http://www.garnierusa.com/products/skincare/everyday-hydration/moisturizer/moisture-rescue-refreshing-gel-cream.aspx
  4. Check out my signature for my regimen. I am a 27 y/o female and this regimen is what finally started clearing my acne.
  5. Sometimes if you pop a pimple it will push down dirt and oil into a nearby pore causing a deep cystic pimple. Try not to mess with it at all or it will get more swollen and take forever to heal. Just keep it clean and apply products that work for you.
  6. Has anyone seen this video yet? It makes me really emotional because this is how I feel everyday https://www.youtube.com/embed/WWTRwj9t-vU
  7. I do the same thing! I look at how people have perfectly clear skin and don't even have to wear make up. I makes me so sad I'm always thinking that they can see my acne underneath my makeup, and then they are probably thinking how gross I look with all the make up on. Ugh...
  8. Unfortunately I heard some bad stuff about Neutrogena... like that it's not actually non comedogenic and it breaks people out. I like Physicians Formula because it doesn't break me out and I can get pretty good coverage with just the powder. And it doesn't get gross by the end of the day.
  9. Oily/combination Skin

    This has worked wonders on my oily/combination skin. Every other moisturizer I have tried clogged my pores, THIS ONE DOES NOT. It is light and refreshing. It is cheap and lasts a long time. I use it in conjunction with LUSH products (Dark Angels cleanser and Breath of Fresh Air toner water) and I don't break out any more. Give it a try!!!!!
  10. Amazing!

    This stuff is great! I use this after I use the Dark Angels cleanser. You just spray this refreshing water all over your face and let it sit. Then apply moisturizer afterwards. This toner water balances my skin and REDUCES REDNESS from my acne. Now that I have been using LUSH products my skin is clearing up, so I don't even have to worry about redness too much anymore.
  11. jessicasaysmeow1



    This stuff is amazing. I have tried countless other over the counter products... creams, scrubs, toners... nothing worked! The BP and SA chemicals were so harsh on my skin and they still weren't even clearing my acne. Long story short, I (hopelessly) walked in to the LUSH store one day and they recommended this for my adult cystic acne (oily/combination, dry/flaky, red/blotchy skin). I was miserable until I tried this stuff. After ONE WEEK my acne was greatly reduced. I barely got any new pimpl
  12. Try Dark Angels cleanser scrub... the charcoal sucks out all the gunk in your pores including dead skin cells. It worked for me for my cystic acne on my face. I also have tons of little bumps (like your picture) on my upper arms, like chicken skin. I use the scrub on my arms and now they are smooth.
  13. Hello! Please check out my regimen in my signature. When I started the Dark Angels cleanser my skin started clearing up after a week! Like you, I also had severe cystic acne... painful red bumps all over my chin and around my mouth. This cleanser has charcoal in it which sucks all the gunk out of my pores WAY better than any chemical like BP or SA. Its also a scrub so it gets rid of all those dead skin cells.
  14. Hello, I am 27 yo female that has been struggling with acne since puberty. I tried all of those drug store over the counter creams and washes and nothing would work. I recently began using Dark Angels cleanser and Breath of Fresh Air Toner water from LUSH cosmetics and it has been seriously clearing up my acne! I think my problem was my skin wasn't naturally shedding the dead skin cells and so they would clog up my pores and cause acne. The harsh chemicals SA and BP didn't help unclog my pores s
  15. I use Physicians Formula makeup. I feel like it has enough coverage without clogging pores. Also, if I've got a really big, red pimple sometimes I will use redness reducing eye drops on it. It helps get rid of some of the redness so I don't glob on too much makeup.