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  1. So did I just screw myself ordering the AHA+ to use with my own regimen? I figure that since it's glycolic acid I'd be fine since I used glycolic acid before with my regimen, but now I'm getting the sense that I shouldn't use it without the rest of acne.org's products or I'm going to be in hell? please help...should I just return it?
  2. I wash my face with a 2.5 BP cleanser day and night, and apply a clindamycin lotion in the morning. I've tried 7% glycolic acid from derma et fusion that I got from my dermatologist. Stopped it b/c I wasn't happy how I still was getting pimples often. I still am without it, but it did help my complexion overall, and I heard good things about acne.org's. So I am waiting for it to arrive, and want to try it out on some areas I'm prone to break out in, at night. My question is, has anyone used
  3. I know I just wasted the money buying the tretinoin but with all the negative reviews I think I'll just suck up the money waste and stick with the BP cleanser/clindamycin regimen. I just don't see the point of heavy purging, scarring my skin, into something that doesn't seem to have any successes with anyone. Accutane at least has some success with people, even with all the bad reviews. I've found nothing good about tretinoin, yet why do dermatologists prescribe it? Feels like everyone is just
  4. Thanks for the reply Derek. I got prescribed the clindamycin lotion which I've been using for a year and it's worked better than anything else I've used, but still not enough. Did you use to use a 2.5 BP topical or cleanser? I only use the 2.5 BP cleanser, and haven't used any BP topicals in a couple years, that was causing me more cysts and breakouts. I'm glad to hear that the use of tretinoin has been helpful. Did you experience the terrible breakouts for months like many people have wr
  5. I'm 34, long time acne suffer. I use a 2.5 BP cleanser morning and night and clindamycin lotion in the morning. I've tried different things at night from my dermatologist...mainly the glycolic acid stuff they sell there, which made my skin look better at times, and other times still broke me out, never stopped pimples from forming, and gave me larger pus filled ones that I had to drain often. So, now after a year, they want me to go apply tretinoin at night, and have warned me about the brea
  6. Are you referring to the cleanser or lotion? I'm having the same dilemma with the BP cleanser. I wash my face with a 2.5 BP cleanser by Acnefree day and night, and use a clindamycin lotion in the morning, and wonder if I should use a different BP cleanser. Only the BP cleanser seems to work for me, but I still get pimples. The VIvant Skin care 3% BP acne wash looked good. I want to try something else but am curious what people use.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I couldn't believe the baby shampoo angle either, was very hesitant, but hadn't seen a dermatologist in ten years so wasn't going to deny, was desperate. It's because it's very gentle, but acne prone skin needs more than that. I broke out badly, and when I tried gentle cleansers before I broke out badly too - like neutrogena hydrating cleanser. I tried for awhile to find one and went crazy since so many contain acne causing ingredients. For ten years I was using t
  8. And now I feel like going back to using the BP cleanser at night. I really just need some honest feedback from people. I know I need to find a new dermatologist b/c I don't think they're doing everything they can for me. I thought about how two times I went and they pushed one of the products they sell there. They could have done that during the first visit but they didn't, because like many say it is just about the money. I mean I was told to just wash my face with baby shampoo, and that wa
  9. So an update: I've been two weeks now of just doing my AM routine and not washing my face at night. I've been having small pimples still pop up, but no major big ones, like I would have when washing my face at night with the BP cleanser. So what does that tell me? I'm doomed either way. I'm just scared about gentle cleaners b/c they seem to make my face greasy and break out with big ones. When I used the baby shampoo (can't get anymore gentle than that!) in the evening, you think it'd be ha
  10. I have been washing my face with a 2.5 percent BP cleanser morning and night and applying clindamycin phosphate lotion 1 percent on in the morning. I still get whiteheads, sometimes a small one or two every day. I feel like my regimen is pointless if that still occurs. My dermatologist said this regimen is okay and has no reason why I still get ones regularly, not much help. She originally had me using baby shampoo as a cleanser but I broke out a lot with bad ones so I stopped using that. S
  11. I'm thinking of just getting a basic gentle cleanser over the counter and using onexton in the morning. A BP cleanser seems to work well for me for the most part, way better than a gentle cleanser, but since I'd been using a topical with BP I guess I should do what is suggested. It's hard to find a gentle cleanser without pore clogging or acne irritating ingredients. Do you think I can do without a toner and just do the cleanser and onexton and a moisturizer if needed? have you tried tha
  12. Thank you for your reply, I'm glad to hear it's worked for you. Question...what do you cleanse your face with? I read that it's recommended to use a gentle cleanser when using Onexton.
  13. I only saw a few posts and a few reviews. I thought there'd be more. I know that the ingredients in it are found in other prescription topicals as a combo, but the percentage in these seems to be different. I'm thinking of asking my dermatologist to give me a prescription. Other than some reviews stating it's made their skin dry and irritated, no one has mentioned awful break outs that occur for the first few months which is just ridiculous. I can't try something like tretinoin t
  14. I wash my face with a 2.5 BP cleanser and I have struggled to find a cleanser that won't break me out, but I Realize perhaps I need to put something on my skin after but don't know what to choose. I use the oil free sensitive skin neutrogena moisutrizer on any dry spots, but I still break out so I need to use something that is for acne but isn't harsh. What are some suggestions? I'm thinking of just asking to get a prescription for Oxetine, because BP seems to help in a cleanser fo