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  1. About the hot chicks with acne thing, where i work a really hot girl came in she had acne but i found her more attractive i guess cuz i knew what she had been thru?
  2. Sorry it was an emotional drunk rant. It's not as bad as before but still and i was on it from may till sepetember. I felt fine when taking it, some dryness but i was happy about there being no spots.
  3. Duncan


    You sweat in your sleep, so its probley best to have one in the morning.
  4. So i did the regimen, and god did it work nicely but i couldn't handle the amount of time it took and the still frequant breakouts, so after going to the docters for ages from december 2003 he finally refered me to a derm. On may 13th 2004 i started roaccutane i was over the moon, within 4 weeks i had amazing skin (when moustrised) the few red marks i had didn't bother me as i for once didn't have spots. When i got my 2nd prescription (end of june) for my final 8 weeks i was so stoked, it w
  5. I like to drown my sorrows and get with girls just to boost my confidence, even though i don't really fancy them.
  6. Wow im so glad someone else gets eczma on there arms because of roacutane, i started the tane like 4 weeks ago and started getting eczma on my arms really bad and the rashes on my hands. Ah all is good now someone else has clarrified they got it aswell.
  7. Whenever i smoke weed, the next morning my face appears really really greasy and i just genrally like shit because feeling greasy/dirty don't feel nice. I would say after a heavy weekend of drinking and doing weed (friday night + saturday night) my face is fucked on the sunday, but recovers for monday.
  8. Your acne is clearing up sweeeetly. I hope roaccutane doe's its shiat for me.
  9. Yeah when i was 13 to, i got them on my hair line of my forehead, then chin then everywere!
  10. Ive been with my girlfriend for about 6 and a half months now. When i first met her my acne wasn't really that bad, i get days where its bad and then good again. She doesn't seem to mind i only see her looking at my chin sometimes but its all good, specially when she gets a mini outbreak makes me feel more comfatable. It's true what animal said, i don't think any girls going to want to kiss a male with white heads round his mouth.
  11. My My its been awhile, austria did my face a hella lot of good ive one dead white head on my right cheek and on my left i have faint red marks im so happy right now but i so know it won't last. Also im gonna have to cut down on the ammount of BP i use, the skin underneth my bottom lip is all cracked and red and very sore im gonna lay off using it on my chin for awhile.
  12. My niva intense moistruizer hides up all of the flakiness it makes your face look very greasy for 30mins after applying it though.
  13. Yeah i was really red for about 2 weeks after starting luckily i started in the christmas school holidays.