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  1. Back in high school, I'd say before 'acne' but while I would still get a random zit here or there (and sometimes ones that were quite inflamed) -- Once and a while I'd get a zit right on my nose, and it would bug me so much. If I saw someone with a pimple on their nose, I would absolutely cringe. The pattern was, after seeing that person, and getting the flashback, I'd usually get a matching nose pimple within a week. Has this ever happened to anyone else? or am I freaking crazy? -- If I te
  2. I am a women! Yes, I have short hair... but I am 100% female.
  3. I think the last time I felt genuinely attractive was before I started getting acne. I had a zit or two, but I didn't give a crap. I almost (ALMOST) felt attractive yesterday when I was grocery shopping with a friend. But, it didn't last long. Girls used to smile when they saw me, and, alas, the checkout girl didn't smile (obviously this is a terrible basis for feeling attractive, but it did kinda kill the hour.) My skin is getting extremely clear, thanks to Dan's regimen. I hope by Decemb
  4. I've gotten some pretty ronchy comments... none over the top though, because I'm a pretty large guy.. a friend said "what the hell is wrong with your face" on the first day of school after summer.. i've gotten the "lay off the steroids" plenty of times and the only scornful comment I can only remember was by someone who I played sports with, he said "your face looks like it was stung by a thousand bees"
  5. I don't think Dan's ever said his BP is better than any other brands. He emphasizes it being economical and generously portioned. Meaning you'll pay less for more of pretty much the same product you'd buy at any drug store, such as Benzac AC 2.5%
  6. My last order accidentally got shipped to my old address (parents) and I had to have them ship it out to me. I was hoping the package would be discrete and they wouldn't know what they were shipping, but I took a look at the fedex description sheet and the listed item was "Acne Creams" .. Makes me a little embarrassed having my parents see that when I moved 6 months ago
  7. Thats awesome man, congrats. Don't take it for granted. Live it up, and make sure you act aggressively if pimples start cropping up again.
  8. The last time I looked in a mirror I had an anxiety attack. That was last summer. Not looking in a mirror for almost a year and a half, I deserve an award or something. Sometimes when the bathroom lights are off but a bit filters in from somewhere I'll slowly see how the light hits my skin, but as soon as it hits an imperfection I'll look away.
  9. Before your acne started, did you have an opinion on acne, or was it a non-existent thought to you? I have to say in highschool I was a pretentious condescending prick. I was extremely vein and pompous, and looked down on anyone with any physical flaws. This included overweight people, people with low quality clothes, and especially people with acne. While I never actually publicly scorned any of these people, I made a habit of it to avoid them and limit contact with any of them, as if it wo
  10. Skin. Money is easy to make, and an extremely enjoyable process for me. I'm actually quite well off financially right now, and it doesn't make me any happier.
  11. I tried online school too!! Didn't stick though. I never finished :(
  12. Primitively speaking, women seek the alpha male. Self condescenion joking or not should be kept to a minimum. I'm the exact opposite way, I always claim I'm the best at everything (in a definitely joking way.)
  13. My dad said he had random pimples growing up, but nothing ever socially crippling. My mom to this day has rosacea and moderately splotchy skin. My brother had exactly what my dad did, just random pimples now and again. Hes completely clear now, but also 3 years older than me. I seem to have the works. But, I can attest my acne to hormonal imbalances. My acne only flared up when I started using testosterone boosters when I was weight lifting seriously. Either way, its been about 2 years no