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  1. Here I am at 4 months and a week into my Accutane journey. Have to be honest, it has been a lot of up's and down's. Sometimes my face is really starting to look good but then the next day, I'll have a hard, under the skin bump rear its ugly head & old cysts that just wont seem to vanish. I should mention that I have been on 60mg for my entire course, I weigh 135+/-. The entire course I have managed to not get that dry. My lips are horribly dry but not really my face. I do moisturize my f
  2. I am at 3.5 months and feeling frustrated today. End of month 3, I really saw some clearing and I was starting to feel good. Then month 4 started and bam! a couple cystic spots came back and I am breaking out again on my chin. I really thought that the 4th month would be smooth sailing and that I would be 100% clear. Is anyone else not clear on month 4? feeling really discouraged today...
  3. I think I spoke too soon on cystic acne. 3 months and 4 days in right now -- I just had a cystic spot pop up unexpectedly on my chin. I hadn't had one in a while so I thought I was finally done with cystic breakouts. I am hoping this is just my face purging one last spot. I had limited my milk intake for a while and within the last few weeks I started having milk again, maybe that is the cause of this cystic straggler? I am going to go back to almond milk and see if that keeps cysts at bay.
  4. may have just jinxed myself, think im getting one now at start of month 4
  5. Here I am at 13 weeks -- my 3 month mark. I have to say that during the mid part of this 3rd month, I started to notice some positive progress. I haven't had any cystic acne pop up since beginning of month 3, I have had a few tiny pimples that usually stay around for a day that's it. I made the HUGE mistake of scratching at a zit above my lip at the beginning of the month and it tore off a big area of skin, which took forever to heal!! DO NOT DO THAT, hoping it doesn't leave a sca
  6. I stopped getting cysts toward the beginning of month 3 or so -- the other bumps were just waiting to go down!! I am here whenever you want to talk :)
  7. Here I am at week 9 -- just over 2 months, hard to believe! 3 months to go! I am still not clear but I am hopeful I am getting there. Still getting small tiny pimples that end up resolving in 2-4 days. Some of my 'under the skin' bumps are still hanging out and I think that it will just take a couple more months for them to go away on their own. At times I will feel like it has definitely kicked in and I am looking clear, then I will sometimes get these small (rash like) bumps that sho
  8. Day 35! I am currently finishing up my first week of month 2. I stopped spiro last week and since have had a breakout of like 3 cysts. not fun & not pretty. I am scared that without the spiro the cysts are going to be bad but I pray that the Accutane keeps them at bay. So this week did bring 3 active cysts but I am trying to stay positive. As for dryness, my face is not that dry. My body is dry, and some areas on my nose and by my ears are dry but I have been really really good about moist
  9. Here I am at day 17 on Accutane, 60mg from the start. I also have been on my spiro still, but am weening off that. I was on 100mg of spiro but have slowly weened down to 50mg and will stop taking it at the end of month 1. Wanted to share what I have experienced thus far (hasn't been that long obviously!!) Within the first couple days I got about 2 monster cysts on my forehead -- an area I never get them. But I got them injected and they healed quickly. Other than that, breakouts have not been
  10. Hi all, I will be starting accutane in one month -- just signed the papers and did my first pregnancy test yesterday to get the ball rolling. This decision has been a long time coming and was not without intense consideration and deep thoughts. Here is my history -- have always struggled with mild, yet persistent acne since my teens (mix of cysts, pustules, black heads). I went on course of accutane at 22 years old that cleared me up beautifully for 3 great years. In 2014, I stopped BC pil
  11. Day 38 -- trying to be hopeful

    Background- my doctors believe I have an atypical case of PCOS (meaning I don't have many of the symptoms most women with PCOS have, but do have polycystic ovaries), found this out in March 2015. Day 38 of 50mg/day of Spiro & just started my third pack of Beyaz BC pills. So needless to say my skin has been going through a rollercoaster of hormonal changes the last 2 months & I have been so depressed about it. Since starting both meds, I have had at least 2 active cysts on my face at a