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  1. I use a talc free mineral powder by physicians formula (available in drug stores and it's pretty cheap) it's so light weight that it looks flawless, but it can build up to full coverage which is great for my scars. I'd give that a try
  2. Thanks ! I will stay on the BP, what do you think about adding the AHA glycolic acid though ?
  3. hi there ! I'm kind of at a loss at what to do about my acne, I feel like I've tried everythung but nothing is a constant fix. I'm a 23 yr old female. my face is super clear on my forehead, cheeks, and t zone. but my chin is a DISASTER. I am on birth control (so I'm sure this is hormonal for the most part). I'll currently have 2 large deep spots on my lower chin, and about 5 small whiteheads that are very tiny but are in clusters on each side of my chin. I started with BP a month ago, it ha