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  1. I've tried nearly every eyedrop under the sun (my eyes were pretty dry even before tane and never really liked contacts), so I guess I'll just suffer. I was reading about taking Evening Primrose Oil and eating 12 almonds and how that helps get good oils in your tears to make them more quality tears, and I just started taking them in addition to fish oil supplements... I guess we'll see how it goes. Anyone had any success with the primrose/etc. stuff?
  2. OK out of all the side effects, the dry eyes are starting to get to me. I wear contacts, and I work in a department store and the air conditioning exacerbates the problem. Anyway, this past month I had been taking 60 mg of accutane (40mg the month previous, 20mg the month previous) and this was the first month that my eyes started getting really dry. Keep in mind that I use rewetting drops etc. but to no avail. Anyway, I opted to keep my dose at 60 for the remainder of the treatment because I do
  3. Started off 20mg for first month, then 40, then 60 this past month, just had appointment to obtain prescription for month 4, and decided to stay at 60 mg because my eyes are really dry and I'd rather be able to wear contacts just a little bit than not at all. Anyway, I never had an initial breakout with the above scheme.
  4. For me on 100mg of doxycycline, it took about 2 months to see major results...
  5. Generic Sotret has been a 5 dollar copay... sure I've gotten many of the more common side effects, but didn't get an initial breakout... but my main point is it's 5 BUCKS!!!
  6. I started on 20 mg of Sotret, followed by 40 mg the next month, and am now on my 4th day of 60 mg, and I never had an initial breakout.
  7. Yes, my dreams have been very vivid as well ever since I started the Accutane, whereas I would hardly ever have dreams when I slept before... also, seems like I'm getting a lot more nightmares
  8. I'm not too too blind, but it's become a necessity lately for me to wear contacts whenever I go out (I just like being able to see perfectly), and it sucked for me wearing them before because it took me 6 months to figure out I was allergic to the multipurpose solutions, so I started using saline, but even so my eyes would dry out (this is before accutane). I got in the habit of using eyedrops, and now on accutane, though I can tell my eyes are slightly drier, the eyedrops usually help, although
  9. This stuff is the best... I used it during the regimen for 2 years with no problem, now using it on accutane and so far it's still holding up.
  10. For those who got a breakout when they upped their dosage, when did that breakout usually occur? Within a week of upping, 2nd week, etc.? Also, if anyone could tell me approximately when their blackheads started going away it would be much appreciated... the lil buggers are still holdin' strong! Thanks!
  11. I was just about to make this post... I'm about a week behind you on the tane and my itching started about a week ago and it's DRIVING ME INSANE... it's mostly on my face but also present around my whole body. I can't itch it because I don't want to touch my face, but man this is pretty intense... and I moisturize thoroughly too... anyone have any suggestions?
  12. I personally say go for it. I wish I would've gone on it at your age, rather than waiting 4 years...
  13. 8-12 cups?!? a) how are you not CEO of starbucks yet and b) how are you not half way to the moon?!? lol
  14. My lips too started getting dry before my skin, and I'd say the skin didn't get dry until about a month on 20 mg, so just wait it out a few weeks and it should happen.