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  1. I’ve been on this for 1.5 weeks and Im starting to notice a very slight difference but only stuff only you would notice on your own skin. Im sure you have to be on it for quite sometime before you (and your surroundings) will notice a big difference. I remember a year ago when I first started doing the fish oil thing. At first I thought it was a gimmick but low and behold about 7-8 weeks later the stuff started to kick in and has helped clear about 75% of my acne. Now I don’t get those big
  2. I'm glad the fish oil and baby brush helped you previously :) I really do believe this should push your improvements further, or at least hope they do. How much olive oil are you currently taking? My digestion is great, not a single problem, unless I go to an indian restaurant or something but that happens to everyone lol. I have 1 to 2 bowel movements a day, it's pretty normal :) And very fast and non painful at all. I was lucky if I got a 2 drops of EVOO a day. I mean we have it at
  3. This is it! This has got to be the answer to the last 10% of acne that I cant seem to get rid of. Going to buy the remaining stuff that I need (E, C, B, Zinc, Chromium, Cod Liver Oil) and take them in the groups the way you take them. I also have to step up my olive oil intake. You are a savior Romeo. Just the fish oil and baby brush with water has done wonders to my face. Cant wait to try this out. How is your digestion and how often are your bowel movements?
  4. 1g = 1000mg so 1600mg = 1.6g If you are shooting for about 3g (3000mg) then take 2 servings which would mean 2 teaspoons in your case. Are you sure its teaspoon or tablespoon? So you will be taking 3.2g of O3 fatty acid which is good.
  5. Ok its been awhile since Ive been on these boards. During the end of spring and some of the summer I was on fish oil with about 4-5 grams of Omega 3 daily intake. And was washing my face with only water and baby brush about 2-3 times a day. I will tell you this...based on pictures that from that time and from now. I was actually better off. I was still getting 3-5 pimples a week but most noticeable was all the red marks that had faded. My face was really oily too but it was a good oil, but nonet
  6. You guys suck, i posted a comment and nobody answered my question for the past week. How long are you guys leaving it on your skin? Im leaving it for 30 seconds but havent noticed any results yet. Been almost a week Ive been using it.
  7. So you're getting dry skin afterwards? I have very oily skin, so for me when I use it I get the perfect amount of moisture on my face after im done. And it stays that way for most of the day. Maybe try to use a moisturizer...idk. You have to admit though, its a damn good mild cleanser with no chamicals. Keep at it and see how you feel. Maybe this arab soap is only good for arabs like me...haha jk. Good luck guys. Ill try to check this thread every once in awhile. Right now im more in the red
  8. That works but I dont want to boil water twice a day just to clean my brush. I find it easier by just squirting some hand sanitizer on it after im done brushing. Then before i use it, i wash with a liquid handsoap.
  9. I just bought this product this weekend for my red marks and for smoother skin. Ordered it from CVS pharmacy and it came in the next day. I used it once this morning so far, it feels weird. No lather, or anything, just a cream that you put on, mix with water and rub a little, then wash off. I find it funny, the consistency and look is that of semen hahahah. I was crackin up for a long time when i first pushed on the pump. Anyways, how long are you guys leaving it on? I left it on for 30 secon
  10. I'll be more specific 1. wash your brush with whatever soap 2. wet your face 3. scrub for 45 seconds GENTLY while under the water 4. rinse face 5. apply cleanser 6. rinse face scrub for 45 seconds, what do you mean exactly? like rub the bristles into your skin and move em around alot? that sounds very irritating. Yeah my bad. I didnt mean to say scrub. I meant stroke or sweep. I created a stupid paint drawing for everyone to see what I mean. I think some people are do
  11. BTW this is how I keep my brush clean now. I use my antibacterial gel (contains alcohol) and put 2-3 pumps on there. Then rub for about 5-10 seconds, then rinse off.
  12. I'll be more specific 1. wash your brush with whatever soap 2. wet your face 3. scrub for 45 seconds GENTLY while under the water 4. rinse face 5. apply cleanser 6. rinse face
  13. Daily (only in the morning) exfoliation with baby brush method Wash with Syrian Ghar Soap twice per day Shave using Electric Shaver Supplement with Multivitamin and Fish Oil Eat and drink healthy things as much as I can (exceptions haha)