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  1. Hello all! I feel that my current lifestyle is not that healthy. I play on my computer for 3+ hours straight each day, I eat lots of junk food, I used to go outside and hang out with friends but now I will just sit inside and do nothing. I am here because I want to change that. Last week my mom found out that she has diabetes. I've heard that if my parents have diabetes then I have an increased chance of getting diabetes and I want to try and reduce my chances by eating healthy and exercisin
  2. dan states that it is going to look worse before it will look better. hang in there. this regimen has done wonders for my acne.
  3. Ok, I have always wondered how much moisterizer i should use after i put on the bp? And the moisterizers i have are: Mornings - Cetaphil Nights - LH5 Oh and when i use Cetaphil in the mornings my skin looks really shiny. What can i do about this?
  4. Alright well spring break is coming up soon and i need to lose some pounds! i gain weight since the summer and i need to lose before i got on my cruise for spring break. what are some good ways for me to lose this weight? im thinking about going to the gym at my church with my parents. What else could i do though?
  5. alright thanks alot guys! and btw im from alabama.
  6. thanks alot. im going to go buy some tomorrow.
  7. Hello, just like to say im new here and im going to be starting CSR in a few days. Im 15 years old and I have a mild case of acne. I was browsing the internet today and came across this site and read about CSR and wanted to give it a try and convinced my mom and dad to buy it cause what I am on right now isnt really working. So i really hope this helps! One question! Could yall recommend me a good shampoo and a good conditioner because my hair is kinda long and its on my forehead and that is on