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  1. hope you are ok amonkey


  2. I hope you are ok, have not heard from you for a while and your last thread was worrying

  3. Basically just as the title states "i can't go on anymore" each and every waking minute is absolute torture, all i can ever possibly think about is how ugly my skin is, it's became a total obsession, i study how bad my skin looks under every kind of light, which makes me feel untimately worse, but at the same time, i cannot help but keep looking in the mirror. I am 24 this year, and have been a complete recluse for 5 years, which is when i had a massive cystic brakeout which left my then flawl
  4. Kools22, that scar is so insignificant, really, no one will think anything of it, most people wont even notice it, everyone has marks on their face, very very few people have flawless skin, i would just leave it, i wouldn't muck about with lasers or skin peels over the head of such a small imperfection.
  5. Where can i purchase copper peptide serum in the u.k, i'm sure there used to be a u.k website that sold it, but i'm hunted the web for and hour and cannot find it. Anyone able to help? Thanks
  6. Well most medical literature will disagree unfortunately, i have areas on my face that are scarred and have no hair follicles, and never will, its been 3 years.
  7. I wasn't aware humans could regenerate hair follicles.....hmmm.........?!?!
  8. Can someone please explain to me what fibrous scarring is? and how does it differ from regular scarring? Many Thanks.
  9. Thanks for that Lamarr, i wasn't aware anyone other than Dr Chu actually performed dermaroller apart from Dr Teixera, although that would mean getting my gp to write another letter of referral, and i dont think he would do that.
  10. I have just received an e-mail back from Dr Chu's PA, and i am absoloutly gutted, it would appear my doctor referred me on the nhs not privately, and his PA has just informed me that Dr Chu does not carry out dermarolling on the NHS, i would have to go private and would not get an appointment till August. I cant belive this.
  11. I have been given an appointment for the 19th of March to see Dr Chu, but since i am traveling from scotland, i will need to stay overnight, what hotels have you guys who have been to see him used? as i am utterly hopeless at organising trips. Also was your face acceptable to the public the next day after dermarolling? as i will have to fly home the next day. thanks
  12. lamarr are you talking about your dermarolling sessions or actual needling? cheers
  13. Well i just called the skinmed advice line and was told that they were completely out of stock of the 100ml professional cream and therefore my only option would be to buy the 250ml cream at £90. so i did, but then i thought to myself, £90 is a LOT of money for some cream, so i phoned them back and changed my order, and instead purchased the 50ml face cream for £23.50. The girl on the phone told me that the professional is TWICE as strong as the face cream, but i'm not entirely sure i belie
  14. I paid a fortune for this stuff about £50 as i got it shipped to the uk from America, however it was very irritating on my sensitive skin, so i only used it for 2 days then stopped, as it made me very red and made my skin peel slightly. The reason i bought it was to try and fade the redness around my mouth and jawline from dermabrasion, needless to say it didn't help at all.