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  1. Broke up with my two year boyfriend and the stress has my face looking terrible between breakouts and picking back to square one
  2. I did the ultimate no no and slept in my makeup last night My skin will be punishing me for that very soon. I have to confess I picked at a few whiteheads between my brows but that's it (not that I'm justifying it it's still bad) Hopefully my face doesn't break out too much. Fingers crossed!!
  3. I think I figured out my number one skin problem. I was watching the videos of how to apply the acne.org stuff and I realized I am way too tough on my skin! Every time I wash it I use a wash cloth and I exfoliate like two times a week with a very grainy cleanser. The video put a lot of stress on being gentle with your skin so I'm going to try that. I'm not sure why but I've always had the idea in my head that if I scrub I can scrub off the blemishes and get my skin cleaner but that isn't true at
  4. Glad you decided to join I'm doing pretty well I think. I have a big pimple near my chin that is driving me nuts but I'm trying to stay away from it. Good luck to everyone else!!
  5. I'm sad to say I've never let a pimple get to the point where it can fall off but that's my new goal! Haha I'm so glad that people are starting to join in and we can all share our ideas! So far I've gone the whole morning without picking (even with a random giant zit by my chin) I have kept my tangle toy in my hand at almost all times just to make sure my hands to travel up to scan my face. Thanks for chiming in!! and Goodluck!!
  6. I'm starting over tomorrow as well my tangle toys came in though and I am hoping that having that in my hand throughout the day will help keep them from scanning my face ( at this point it's automatic like breathing. I don't even think about it) so I'm starting new tomorrow and my goal is to beat 4 days without picking my face or shoulders!! Good luck to us both!!
  7. So I have to confess... I had a little freak out and washed with my cleanser today. I got a cystic spot and I haven't had one of those for almost a year! I remembered how badly they hurt and how annoying they are and I went straight for my cleanser. I'm still going to wash with honey because I love it but I'm a little scared of the oil now and it's only day 7
  8. Good luck! At night is always the time I feel the need to pick the most. I'm back on day one again Let me know how it goes!! And thanks for joining!!
  9. After four full days I caved and picked my face today I was doing so well but got stressed out and let the temptation win. I'm starting again tomorrow and my goal is to beat 4 days!
  10. Adren077

    Day 2

    I think I big part of it is that I haven't picked at my face now for four days. I usually destroy my facial skin at least once per day but I've been trying really hard to stop and that might be part of why my acne seems to be getting better right now.
  11. I'm also using an acv toner right now so I hope it works out for you!
  12. Olive and coconut oil cause a a lot of people to break out. That's why people are disappointed when trying the oil cleansing method, because they average mixture is olive and castor oil. I use grape seed oil and castor oil but that's off topic... I used coconut oil to moisturize around my eyes for a while because I heard it helps your skin look young in the long run but I ended up with blackheads near the bridge of my nose and a lot of blocked pores. Personally I would choose jojoba oil. I've he
  13. I also started cleansing my face with honey. At first all I had was the type of honey you had and I still think I got results. Now I have raw honey but i just started with it so I can't tell if it is a change at all. I think that any honey is okay but raw is the best. Also don't worry no one replies to mine either lol Goodluck!!
  14. I haven't noticed much change besides some of my previous pimples are coming to a head. That's actually pretty good for me because normally I pick them before they get that far but I haven't picked for three days!! My previous acne scabs also look less irritated and my skin isn't red.. I can't tell if it's from the face washing or from not picking my face. I do have a couple very small new pimples by my eyebrows which is sorta weird but my blackheads look a lot less noticeable. So I'm not exactl
  15. I just wanted to add again that I have successfully made it through another day pick free! I am however waiting anxiously for my new tangle toy to keep my hands busy so I don't scan my face all the time. Once I scan and find a bump it is almost impossible to forget about it.. But it's been 72 hours!!!