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  1. Anyone ever try metrogel? It's a topical medication used to treat rosacea.
  2. I agree that the proactiv system, as a whole, sucks. The combo of a BP wash along with BP cream in the morning and at night was way to drying. The indivdual components of the system seem decent though. I wonder if maybe using just part of the system, like using the BP repairing lotion at night only, would work better. I disagree with the general consensus concerning the purpose bar though. I think it lathers great and have not found it to be overly drying. The only other bar I have compared i
  3. Actually, any general practitioner can prescribe accutane. Normally they don't however, as they will usually refer you to a derm first.
  4. Yea, I guess using a fresh clean towel every time would be best, but I take two showers nearly everyday. Using a fresh towel each time would require 12 -14 clean towels per week. Disgusting or not, I'll be damned if I'm going to do that much laundry. Maybe if I were living at home with my parents and I could just make my mom do it. What I've been doing is simply drying my face off with a seperate towel. This face towel is only used on the face, not on the body or head even. I rotate the face tow
  5. Well, maybe washing with only water in the shower will work for you, but I need to cleans my skin in the shower. I get back from the gym or after going for a run, and my whole body is oily and covered with sweat. Luke warm water just isn't going to get it off. Someone made the analogy of trying to wash grease off of a dishpan with plain water. It isn't going to work. I hear you though, using a lot of cleansers and anti bacterial agents in general is not good. My acne is relatively mild. I still
  6. Well, I tried the clean and clear wash in the shower tonight. I doesn't seem to be too drying so far but gosh 10% BP seems awful harsh. It also doesn't feel like it cleans away dirt and oil that well either, but its tough to tell. When I used it, it gave me a weird almost icy tingling feeling especially around my mouth and chin. I guess thats the BP, so maybe its working or doing something. Anyway, I guess I'll give it a week and see what happens.
  7. Do any of you worry that using the same towel over and over after showering may contribute to your acne? Is this a realistic concern or am I being paranoid. Have any of you tried using a fresh clean towel after every shower? Did it make a difference?
  8. How irritating / drying is the clean and clear continous control acne wash? I'm currently washing with the purpose extra gentle cleansing bar in the morning and at night. The bar is moderately drying and as long as I slather on aloe after using it, it does not bother me. The problem with it is that while it does clear dirt and oil, it does not contain any acne fighting ingrediants. I'm thinking of switching to the clean and clear wash at night because it contains benzoyl peroxide but I'm worried
  9. I know that there is a lot of info on the net that says that triclosan is bad for you but what are the alternatives? I'm looking for a shower cleanser that is relatively gentle yet effective at killing p. acnes bacteria. Are there any benzoyl peroxide cleansers that are as gentle as the triclosan cleansers that are out there? It just seems like most BP cleansers are just too drying but maybe there is something out there that I don't know about. If anyone knows of any good ones let me know.
  10. Has anyone tried clearasil daily facial cleanser? If so, what did you think, does it help? Also, whats the story with triclosan? Does it do anything for acne? Is it safe to use?
  11. Hello, I've been dealing with acne for quite awhile. Started in the 5th grade and progressed from mild to sever cystic by the time I hit the 12th grade. I tried everyting to stop it. Minocycline along with retin A and Benzac 10 worked for awhile but then the regimen shit out on me my senior year of high school. At that point I went through a 4 month 80mg course of accutane which almost completely cleared me. 6 months later however the cystic acne came back with a vengance so I went on a 4 mon