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  1. Hi, my skin is also getting dry and dark. As soon as I started using jojoba mixed with the mixed with the sted two, it got better. I also learned that I can not use as much BP as advised. I am in week 3, but in the morning I just use BP on my pimples. I don't know if this will give me complete clear skin, but we will see. At night I use the regiment as advised.
  2. I started the regiment 2 and a half weeks ago. Most of my big pimples are gone but my skin is dry, red, sensitive and hurting. I am using the acne.org moisturiser and BP. I also use avéne cleanance to wash the face but it leaves my face really dry. I use jojoba oil with the acne.org moisturiser but the skin is really dry. I just ordered the aha. I would love to find a face wash and a moisturiser that works for me. If someone sugests something, and I can find it in Europe, I will t