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  1. Been doing CSR for over a week now and starting this morning my moisturizer seems to be making my face red. Its only on my cheek bones and down around my nose above the corners of my mouth. Is this normal? I also notice that it burns in those areas though it has been doing that since I started. The strange thing is that it seems to cause a lot more irritation than the BP.
  2. I just started CSR and I noticed that after I use the cetaphile moisturizer my skin becomes sticky and shiny. I also tend to sweat from my face a lot more than I normally would. Is this excess moisturizer or is it really supposed to be like this? Its not exactly comfortable or attractive. Also, I find the moisturizer stings more that the BP. It is uncomfortable enough that I am tempted to use the my cetaphil cleanser to get it off (however I havent yet).
  3. I am just starting CSR using cetophil cleanser and moisurizer with nutrogena on the spot for BP. I have seen suggestions that say you can shave with the CSR cleanser (don't have that). Can I shave with the cetophil? If not when should I shave? before the entire regimen? The shaving gel I have right now is Edge Advanced for sensative skin (has aloe). I am a little concerned with the fact that it leaves a cool feeling on your face, is this a good shaving gel to use? The contents: Deionized Water