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  1. Thanks for the comments orla. I was at the derm on monday and done my first bloodtest since being on roaccutane, got the results yesterday and everything is fine. I'm still on 25mg, i hope it continues working Its nearly 2 months now since i've been on it, only 2 more to go (fingers crossed )
  2. I'm back off the drink again (untill december), still taking 25mg. Things are still going good, have gotten a few spots but nothing to worry about, i think it may be down to taking one tablet at lunchtime and the other at around 9pm, i done that for about a week or so, back to my old routine of one in the morning and the other after dinner (6pm). Going to the derm on monday for my bloodtest(i'm only 2 weeks late ) My skin isnt excessively dry now, i'm still using eucerin in the morning though
  3. I missed a few days a while ago as i broke out when i started accutane, before that i went about a year without missing a day. I dont know how either, i was suprised with myself that i didnt let acne get the better of me, if my skin was bad in the morning i'd just go to work and get on with things, i'd feel so much better when i got home then. A few years ago i was always missing days off work, in the end i ended up leaving 2 good jobs because of my skin.
  4. I got mine on day 3. My breakouts have calmed down over the years but it was still bad, my derm prescribed me an antobiotic and i was cleared up after a week. I'm sill clear now (2nd month on 25mg). I was very thirsty aswell but its not too bad now. Best of luck to you. Accutane is great
  5. Day 34. I wrote this already but it went missing when the board crashed, i'm not going to write it all again so i'll keep it short and sweet. Skin is good, missed 3 days of taking tablets due to the fact i went on a bender in Liverpool and drank unbelievable amounts of alcohol, non stop from friday to monday morning. I'm suprised even my friends who arent on accutane are still alive. It was great though. You only live once
  6. I was wondering what was going on, i had just updated my gallery and log and it was fine untill a while ago when what i put up went missing , if only acne went away as qucik
  7. It cleared me up before aswell. Do not keep taking them though. You should visit your doctor about your acne and tell him that when you were sick you took amoxicillin and it also cleared up your acne. He may prescribe it or some other antibiotic. There can be side affects from continuos unsupervised use.
  8. feck, i remember my first test before accutane i had to fast for 12 hours, i've already had my breakfast and lunch today so i better ring up to make an appointment for another day.
  9. go for it, if you dont ask you'll never know what she might have said and will always regret it.
  10. i have my blood test today as i'm a month on accutane now, i forgot and i ate today, will this affect my results ? i know that usually before blood tests you should fast
  11. Yes i was the exact same, its gone now though although i dint do anything apart from using eucerin moisturizer on my face and a eucerin shampoo.
  12. I was given amoxicillin a while back for a chest infection and it also cleared my acne up 100%, i've taken it before aswell for a similar infection and my acne went. My doc told me that i couldnt keep taking it though and never gave me a reason. Would it be incase i got a chest infection again and my body may have became immune to it? It cleared me up in about 3 days too, although the oil was still there. Are you sure its safe enough to take accutane and amoxicillin ? My derm put me on doxycycl
  13. This verse from one of my favourite Irish ballads always lifts me up ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish there was an easy road to chose, To bring the heartache to an end, But easy roads are always sure to lose, I´ve seen that time and time again, If you can stand by me like yesterday, I´ll find the strength to carry on, So let your spirit shine along the way, And our day will surely come
  14. Day 24/25 Still doing good I'm just in from a night out in a bar and club. I had a drink or two aswell Its the first time in a month that i've had a proper drink and not a shandy(lemonde with a bit of beer). I felt that i could feel the effects a lot quicker even though i didnt have much. I think its just down to the fact that i havent had alcohol on a while so my body absorbed it quicker, if i wasnt on accutane i'd be still out My blood test is on wendesday and i'm going to england on