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  1. I'm taking 500mg of b5 right now. Is that enough or should i take more?
  2. I used the regimen for about a month and didn't see no improvement so i'am currently just washing with water twice a day. It's not getting better but it's not getting worse either. I use the purpse moisturizer in the morning. Should i be washing with a cleanser at least once a day? By the was i'm 15 and have mild acne with mostly redmarks.
  3. i would love to have darker skin because my acne won't show that much. I have light skin so everything shows. So i was wondering do u think there is any food that might make ur skin more darker? I don't want to tan and plus it's winter time.. REPLIES????
  4. Do u think the location of the pimple has any relations to wat caused it or wat u did to get it?? I was just wonderin.. LIke eating certain food, stress, or hormones.
  5. I went to a few stores today looking for b5 and they didn't have any. They had like every b# like b1 b2 b3 b4 b6 ......etc. Is this different or can i take one of them? I heard zinc helps with the red spots left over. Is this true and is it effective?
  6. I'm currently off the regimen and started just washing my face with water. It's been going really well. On my 3rd day and no new pimples. I wanted to ask, u know in the winter time your face gets dry because of the weather, should i put on just the moisturizer from the regimen after i wash. Thank you and good luck.
  7. Idecided i'm just going to wash my face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night. Im tired of all this rubbing the bp on my face and waiting for it to dry and all that stuff. i'm just going to go back to my old comfortable lifestyle i lived before i started breaking out at bout 13. Iam now 15 and half. I'm thinking my faCE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF ITSELF IF I JUST TREATED IT WITH CARE. MY FAMILY DOESN'T HAVE ANY HISTORY OF ACNE SO MAYBE ALL THESE PRODUCTS ARE JUST CAUSING THIS ANNOYING ACNE
  8. Can i use the dial antibacterial soap then the 2.5%bp and then the moisturizer? and is the neutrgena moisturizer better or the cetaphil? I still have the toner left from my proactiv kit and i wanted to know can i still use it with the regimen sometimes. they said it gets rids of those brown spots, which i have a lot of I also wanted to know if it's the moisturizer or the bp that makes my face real oily and shiny looking so i can avoid using that in the morning reply back quickly please