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  1. Alright, like I stated in 1 or two of my posts, my acne isnt that bad, then again, it isn't that good either Even if I get 1,2, or even 3 major breakouts in a month, I still feel weird about myself. Trying to hide myself from the outside world. That's how self conscious I am about myself... I was just thinking of trying out the ever-so-popular "Proactiv". My question is, Is it worth it? I've visited the site, read everything possible on it, and it says it does work wonders for the skin. But c
  2. Oh thanks for the reply, ill look around see what I can find :)
  3. Ok, here's the thing, for the past 3 days, 1 Giant pimple has been growing on my chin. When I mean it's big, i mean it's huge! About the size of this right here ( ), if not, then a tad bigger. I have been doing the Head-into-hot-water thing for a month now. And I gotta admit, it's working out just fine. I don't get any little zits at all, but when I do get 1 from time to time, it's HUGE. This thing on my face is killing me! Honestly, what I just got done doing this morning, I couldn't re
  4. Oh yeah, almost forgot one more question: Using this method more than twice a day(morning and night), is better right? Or is it over doing it?
  5. I just want to clear something up: I heard or read from somewhere, that using Tooth Paste on one specific area does do wonders overnight. Is this true? And for the Warm Water routine, I have maybe 3 or 4 serious spots that I just hate, and using this technique, while using moisturizers, how long might it take to get rid of the spots?