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  1. I certainly suffer BDD, and everyday I'm in the mirror feeling disgusted with myself. I detest it when people say I'm not a bad looking lad, and my acne is hardly noticeable when to myself i'm the ugliest creature alive and every spot feels like a planet is on my face...
  2. I need some advice on eating healthy, it sounds silly but there's so much science and diets out there it gets a little bit confusing. I also wish to stop and cut out caffeine, I drink way too much coffee and tea throughout the day, even as much as upto 8 cups a day and even more in some cases. The scary part is that it's so routine I'm not even thinking of what I'm doing and I'm just doing it. I want to drink water but it's so tasteless and boring, how do you commit? Back to eating healthy,
  3. I went back to the doctor yesterday and expressed my concern, he has emailed the dermatologist I go to for advice on further treatment and reccomended looking at another course of Isotetrinoin if possible.
  4. Thanks for the responses guy, I really appreciate the support! But what can you really do when acne is so aggressive on your skin? So persistent and determined to thrive? I was seriously hoping for a second course of Isotetrinoin, but the drug is absolute craziness! I remember it the first time round. If the strongest drug available does nothing to help, then what hope is there really? At what point do you consider your life over, and accept your fate of lonelines and social phobias?
  5. Hi Draci, I'm male, I never really eat carbs to be honest just through what I eat naturally. I don't often eat meat either, not that I don't eat it because I do but I mostly like to eat fruit and salad pieces. I have never heard of a ketogenic diet. I'd like to go on a second course of Roaccutane but my dermatologist said it isn't licensed for a second prescription which I know is nonsense. Instead she keeps trying to push the useless antibiotics onto me.
  6. Done with fighting against acne. I've been battling acne since I was 15 and I'm almost 24 years old. I've had Isotetrinoin once 80mg/day Zineryt, Lymecycline 400mg twice Erythomycin, Oxytetracycline twice Tetracycline, Over the counter products, Adapelen, Differin cream 0.1% I've tried the regimen for a year to no avail All in the span of 8 years and the closest I got to clear skin was with Isotetrinoin which I relapsed about 4 months after I finished treatment. I've
  7. Has anyone else had an IB with Differin Cream? I'm now 5 weeks in and maaaan, I've been hit by quite a few nasty ones that actually hurt to touch. I'm also on Lymecycline 408mg aswell and been taking it the same time as differin. How long does the IB last? I have a 6 month prescription and i'm 5 weeks in so far
  8. I have a huge variety of vegetables now on my list, and certainly a variety it is. I'll increase the berry intake, I wont drop the porridge for now since it's the only breakfast I actually enjoy but i'll mix the berries in with it. I'm okay with drinking plainw ater up to a point, perhaps when it starts to get boring I might try throwing something in it for flavour. I know that some people put pineapple in it, sounds interesting. I'm trying to get into green tea, no idea what green tea to b
  9. Hi thanks for answering, I'm glad too hear it, I should be okay with just those two vitamins daily :). I may add some Zinc though, I hear that's good for skin.
  10. I was going to add the blueberries and rasberries into my porridge, would that be okay? How much fruit intake daily should you have? I'll try the lemon with a glass of water and add that to my breakfast as a drink? I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, at least 2 litres but anything more is a bonus. Thank you!
  11. Genuinely curious as to how you plan and record your progress for specific goals, or if there's any advice you can give to someone who is just starting out? I'm wanting to exercise generally for fitness but to lift weights too, I can't accomodate the machines and weights but will be joining a gym. Thanks.
  12. Managed to get in contact with the West dermatology clinic in London. I gave them my current status, and was advised that I wait 3 months after my acne treatment before consulting them for scar treatment, which was expected but nice to see they care for your health and don't bundle you in straight away for the cash grab, seems a good legit place to go to. Looking forward to the future of my skin.
  13. Specifically Vitamin A and Vitamin D capsules. I was hoping that it'd be okay to take one of these each everyday. Here in England we see very little sunlight, but even less sunlight when you're held up indoors all day due to low self esteem and lack of confidence. I wanted to take Vitamin D3 capsules to compensate for the lack of sunlight and Vitamin D intake that I get. I also wanted to take Vitamin A, as it's good for the skin. Both are 10,000 UI in measurements, and I wondere
  14. @GGPiexx Yep, i'm currently suffering slight moderate acne but with alot of red marks blemishes and slight scarring. I know that in time these will heal. I'll also keep fighting the acne, which seems to be working a little bit. My side effects were the common dry issues, chapped lips, flaky skin, weak skin ( easy to tear and cut ). I also had some slight bowel issues, I'd get some sharp pains here and there, which still tot his day every so often appear. I would also get nosebleeds randomly
  15. @GGPiexx I was more than happy to go back onto a second course, the highest dosage i'll ever get is 80mg a day as it's all based on weight, but i know what you mean. I'm somewhat accepted my skin but not to the point I'm going to live with it for the rest of my life. I will get rid of acne, and I'm taking other steps that will hopefully help as well as antibiotics.