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  1. Hi Everyone, My nose is probably the worse part of my mild acne. All the pores look clogged with blackheads and some even have little hairs coming out. I went to the derm yesterday and she told me that they are not blackheads, instead its something called "---stasis"(I can't remember what she said it was called but it was some medical term). It is a skin condition and there is no cure. Maybe she is right because I have tried everything on it, benzaclin, clindoxyl, differin, retin-a. It just d
  2. My nose is disgusting! The pores are huge and all are black. Its like having a hundred black plugs on your nose. The thing is, I am not sure if they are blackheads or whiteheads. The top is black, but once i squish my nose, a ton of white pus comes out, not like the hardened blackheads. So are they whiteheads or blackheads and what can i do to fix it? I've tried differin/bp/retin-A, nothing works. This problem never goes away. HELP
  3. howcome you started roaccutane? did ther dermatologist prescribe it for you?
  4. what is the difference between clearlight and smoothbeam? which one is better and which one is less expensive? sorry for all the questions
  5. Hello I was wondering if i could apply a mosturizer after i apply differin at night. Thanks
  6. I have this red blotch of skin above my lip that has been there for at least 2 years. I think it was due to me shaving over a small pimple. Every since then, there has been a permanent red mark. A small red dot with the surrounding skin red. Is there anything i can do? I really do not think any type of cream will do Please Reply Thanks
  7. I have large pores on my nose that are covered with blackheads, very visible. I use to try pore strips but I've stopped since I heard that they make the situation worse. I have little hairs growing out of them (not that visible) I've been on retin A for the past few months (since Dec) and it hasn't made a difference. Anyone know what to do? I could surely use the help! Thanks
  8. I've been using Retin A since December 2003. Along the way my derm has boosted the dosage from 0.25 -> 0.05. I have mild/moderate acne and there hasn't really been any improvement. I'm not sure if its time to change to something else. My derm sucks, everytime i go see him, all he says is "looks pretty good" when nothing has changed. He prescribes me the same thing everytime and the session lasts for like 3 minutes. SHOULD I ASK FOR SOMETHING ELSE? I really want to end this acne pro
  9. Do they have ISOTREX in Canada? b/c i don't think they do
  10. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and some of them have little hairs growing out of them!!! WHAT DO I DO??? THIS SUCKS, LIFE SUCKS
  11. I'm thinking about asking for accutane but the only thing i'm afraid of is constant nosebleeds. How often does this happen? and are there ways to prevent it from occuring as often?