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  1. Tig

    Didn't work

    Didn't work

    This dried my skin out badly and even so I still got new spots. Persevered for a couple of months but it made my skin too sore and made absolutely no difference to my acne. Gave up.
  2. Hopeless for me

    Didn't like this product at all. Being 10% strength I thought I'd get some kind of result but all it seemed to do was burn and tingle (which I usually take as a good sign - must be doing something) but no - I had sore skin and STILL had spots. Didn't stop the flaking that I get either. I thought I'd try it on individual spots instead as people had said it worked really well if you did that. Nothing, just didn't do anything at all lol Anyway I'm glad it works for some people. Wort
  3. Great while it worked

    A bit like doxycycline - worked great for a few months, cleared my skin and then stopped working. It didn't actually clear my skin quite as well as the doxycycline in that it didn't leave it all baby soft and perfect but it gets 4 stars because if I took one on an empty stomach I wouldn't get the hideous nausea that I did a couple of times when I forgot to eat something first on doxycycline. I did stop for a few months and then try to lymecycline again but it didn't work second time around.
  4. Worked brilliantly for a while

    I took 100mg daily and had clear skin for 6 months. Cleared up my acne within a fortnight. It was amazing. No real side effects unless I took one on an empty stomach - awful nausea would follow. So I only made that mistake a couple of times. Really good treatment but I found they stopped working after 6 months so then it was back to the drawing board...
  5. Didn't work

    Was excited to try this after all the great reviews. I had moderate acne and sadly it didn't touch it. Different things work for different people I suppose, not for me though ☹️
  6. Worked for a while

    Worked for a while (about 2 months) and I did have clear skin during that time. I was really pleased. It's quite a thick formula but it goes on ok. I applied and stored it as directed but it just stopped working. I've gone back to it a couple of times to see whether it'll work for a while to give me a break from breakouts but it just doesn't work at all anymore. Strange how a lot these products only seem to work short term.
  7. Excellent product self esteem saver!

    Better than every other topical product I've tried - and I've tried nearly all of them. I know it's only 4% but if applied like dan says in his regimen it works absolutely brilliantly. I've suffered with acne my whole life and my self esteem has been saved by brevoxyl. Pleasant fragrance and sinks in quickly. Got a bit of dryness at first but moisturising helped and after a while so did the dryness. Great product.