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  1. It hasn't happened to me. I've kept my results over the years, but my scarring was only moderate, not severe.
  2. il90, your skin looks loads better! Congratulations! Your procedure sounds terrifying. I hope it gives you good improvement.
  3. Just be careful especially around the eye area. Some people have also said that it stings their skin like a mofo until it dries. I'm one of the lucky few who doesn't sting at all, maybe cause I destroyed all my facial nerves with laser treatments.
  4. I also suffered with BDD, and same as ilovepersiancats I obsessed over my skin, specifically indented acne scars. I've been a member of this site since 2006, and been obsessed with my skin for over ten years now. I started dealing with pretty bad acne when I was around 15 years old. I'm 32 now and just wish I had not wasted all of those years in my 20s hiding away inside, afraid to face people. Of course, being afraid to go outside and look anyone in the eye makes seeing a doctor sound like a r
  5. Have you tried the AHA+ that Dan sells on this site?
  6. It's good to hear that you found something that works for you! At first I thought this was going to be another horror story of someone accidentally making their scars worse.
  7. Yeah, it looks like you have some indented scarring. How long have you been red like that?
  8. Is it possible that the treatment made you more prone to scarring? Sure. It's also possible that you would have scarred anyway when your severe acne cleared. As EagerMiner said, lots of people who have scars have never taken Accutane. On the other hand, there are lots of people who have taken Accutane and never got scars. I have never used Accutane or retin-A, but still got scars. In my case it's genetics, coupled with not knowing how to properly treat my acne when I was younger.
  9. I second Dudley's suggestion that you should make a consultation appointment with a doctor. Although in my experience, having visited four different doctors about my scarring, they ALL recommended laser treatment, and when I asked about other options a few doctors even went so far as to tell me that laser was the only possible treatment I could do. So just don't believe it. Anyway, the deep scar in the right photo looks like it would respond well to subcision and fillers.
  10. Mild, if you even have any. I don't see any in the picture.
  11. Yeah, it's pretty obvious that these are the same photo altered. The angles of their faces—not to mention their hair—are exactly the same, so clearly these are altered photos. But don't forget that even if two photographs HAD been taken, complete with different angles and hairstyles, it would still be just as easy to photoshop results.
  12. Not worth it. Collagen in the digestive system is broken down into amino acids just like any other protein. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or does not understand how digestion works. We need to be smart when it comes to believing marketing claims, and smart about our research. If a bunch of people say yes (usually the beauty columnists, marketers, and maybe a few well-paid "doctors") and a bunch of other people say no (usually the nutritionists, scientists, and educators), it's pre
  13. Welll...that's kind of what this whole forum is about. :dance: There are tons of treatments out there with varied degrees of success. Try starting here to get familiar with some of the options: http://www.acne.org/acne-scar-treatment.html
  14. There's not really a "cut off" age, but a gradual decrease in collagen production AS we get older. Your lifestyle choices and habits definitely play a role in things as well. One study in the Archives of Dermatology (Dec 2007) showed identical twins who both lived near each other and both worked the same type of job. The difference: one smoked heavily and the other was a non-smoker. The twin who smoked showed much more severe signs of aging than the non-smoking twin. Of course, every
  15. I saw improvement in my acne scars from fractional CO2 laser. My treatment was called Total FX, and I just had my third treatment a week ago. My first treatment was in 2008, and I've had no negative side effects so far.