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  1. so its been a while since i started getting pulsed dye laser -- recently found out the name of the laser im being treated with is N-Lite. ive had about 4 treatments so far..one every month.. heres some new pics to let u guys see the difference note in some areas it may be worse - but thats because i got new zits there which left new marks let me know if u see any improvement or not
  2. yea!! its like acne isnt even my problem! the zits i get are NOT that bad, they used to be....but now they are NOT as bad. i get like a couple every month...which is fine! BUT each one i get leaves a mark taht lasts 6 mos! so even though acne isnt a problem for me, it still makes me look like shit. but it shouldnt because my acne isnt that bad! like they didnt leave marks like this, my skin would be FINE - even if i continue to get this amount of acne. and whats really annoying is as i try so h
  3. no i think bp just irritates the skin if you use to much so thats why it creates redness
  4. lol. makeup sucks, it covers red marks fine, but when it comes to indentations it doesnt do shit
  5. i know it takes a while for scars to go and i dont mind spending time on it but isnt there a temporary thing you can do to make them go for like one night? like if you have a party or something to go to?
  6. theres no such thing as how you 'really look'. you look different in different lightings. so however you see yourself in the car mirror is how others see you in that location with that lighting. however you see yourself in your home mirror is how others see you at home. others see you the same way you look in the mirror at that time and place
  7. hey guys, so I got my first session of pulsed dye laser today for my red marks. i have a few active pimples here and there but I mostly suffer from red marks/indentations. the doctor said the laser will treat the red marks...and the indentations (a bit). and he said some of my marks are purple - which the laser wont treat but everything else it will. ANYWAYS i just got it done a couple hours ago so heres a pic of how it looks now -- the doc didnt bruise me for some reason, i told him i didnt car
  8. dont you get new red marks every now and then though? and since u cant fade them faster than they come dont they start accumulating
  9. do you get new red marks? or you completely stopped getting active acne
  10. but dont u keep getting new red marks? and im sure the bio oil wont fade red marks as fast as they come? because it takes weeks for a mark to fade but only a day for another mark to come
  11. but my doc said its all under the skin so taking off the top layers wont get to it
  12. so if it heals while you sleep why does it get worse again during the day? the healing undoes itself?
  13. yeah everyone should do this. its a waste to try every single thing out there. lets look at the statistics and see whats practical