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  1. What experiences have people had with using fake tan and how it makes the acne and/or scarring look? My experiences have been positive as it makes redness looks less pronounced, just wondering what anyone else thinks?
  2. Good for extreme breakouts

    When I get a horrendous breakout I use a baking soda face mask for 5 minutes, before bed, and when I wake up in the morning the spots are virtually gone! Despite this I would be careful because baking soda is gritty it can irritate the skin causing greater oil production. Because of this, I only save it for extreme breakouts.
  3. Helps with acne scars,does nothing for acne

    I aim to drink around 3 litres of water per day. Since I've started this my skin looks brighter and acne scarring has faded quite a lot. Although, it hasn't made any noticeable contribution to reducing the acne itself. As arguably the worst part of having is scarring, I recommend drinking lots of water ever day to help manage it.
  4. People made very similar comments to me in school. Just remember that these people don't have your feelings at heart. In turn, try not to take their feelings to heart either.
  5. Warning about irritation!!

    Although toothpaste can dry out spots, it generally causes over drying. Because of this, your body responds by producing oil to compensate resulting in increased risk for more spots. I made this mistake of applying toothpaste every night. since I stopped my spots are less aggravated and my skin doesn't dry out too much.
  6. Scarring and redness fading

    Since drinking lemon juice yhe redness in my scars has faded so much - I assume this is because of the high vitamin C content. I peel a whole lemon and put it in the blender with some water and drink it with breakfast. I recommend using a blender to retain the white bits (that you can't extract with a juicer) that are high in vitamin content.
  7. Best treatment so far

    After lymacyline failed for me I turned back to topical treatment. Despite being only 5% this product has really helped to dry out my spots without over-drying my skin after a few days usage. I use the gel in conjunction with the Acnecide face wash to better results. To avoid over drying I wear sunscreen over the gel. Despite the high cost I definitely recommend it!