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  1. I've been using Paulas choice BHA followed by her BP for years, if you think it's working then stick with it.
  2. If u want to try it, ide just use as a spot treatment and use very little.
  3. It's recommended to take a B-Complex (for vitamin deficiency) and Biotin (for hair loss) with the B5. There use to be a sticky for this somewhere(I havn't been on this site for a very long time tho so not sure if it still is), you can probablly find it with a search for the correct doses.
  4. The Aveeno didn't work for me but everyone is different. I'de definietly give it a try over the Dove bar soap though. What kind of moisturizer are you using?
  5. I've been using the Clear line since it first came out and love it, definetly worth a try.
  6. Hey everyone, Been using PC BHA-9 for maybe a month now and I have to say it's the best spot treatment i've tried, it really has stopped every pimple that's starting to form right in it's tracks. It is expensive but I highly recommend it for someone looking for a spot treatment. I give it 5 Dans
  7. That regimen is actually a little old, I really did like it but I just couldn't afford it anymore so I switched to Dans Cleanser/Moisturizer and still am seeing good results. For the last couple weeks tho I switched to Aveeno Clear Complexion because I just wanted to simplify my regimen more but it didn't work out very good. This is why im wondering about the Cerave with SA because it would kill 2 steps in 1, I should probably just stick with what is working tho.
  8. Anyone try the new Cerave with salicylic acid in it? It's 3% but doesn't say anything about being for people with acne, but I don't see why not.
  9. Differin helped me a lot, you just got to stick with it,it can take awhile to really kick in.
  10. Just make sure you're using the cream and not the gel.
  11. I never really noticed a difference, of course everyone is different. IMO it doesn't sound like you really get enough dairy to cause major skin problems anyway but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
  12. Yeah if you went straight to a 10% BP, most likely it's going to irritate your skin.
  13. Love Jalapenos, never gave me a problem but I could see them giving some people trouble.