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  1. This is an amazing post that I've favourited. It's very introspective and I can see how I fell into that line of thinking. Is this positive psychology or where did you get these ideas?
  2. This is such a tragedy. Poor girl only had a loving heart and didn't deserve this. How difficult for her family.
  3. Acne and anxiety are tough because it is difficult to consider the two to be mutually exclusive. Although acne may have been the trigger of your anxiety and/or depression it is possible that you have developed a generalized anxiety disorder that will persist even with clear skin. Its tough to admit we could be happy with less than stellar skin, but it is! If your mind is in a perpetual state of stress and depression, changes occur chemically and even structurally that keep your mind in a di
  4. get a referral to a psychiatrist. What you read about meds are biased and probably ill-informed. Anxiety medications such as ssri's are relatively safe and can effectively alleviate anxiety and depression. Be well.
  5. They look to be keloid scars. They are often treated with injections of cortisone in effort to flatten them. Then certain lasers can be used to lighten the red color. See a derm that is knowledgeable in the area. They are difficult to treat but there could be improvement.
  6. dreams are fun. movies during boring sleep.
  7. You put it perfectly. It would appear that Mr. President was reaching out for help; even if he said otherwise. Its a tough situation. Wish someone could talk to him.
  8. do yall think acv in a glass can get contaminated? Does its acidity make it ok?
  9. Hey man, First off, after I had laser I was red and freaking out as well. Hard as it is you have to get your mind off it and CHILL! Reduced stress will just speed up your healing, and you WILL heal. Once my redness went away my anxiety and stress just vanished and I recalled the past week and felt like such an idiot. It really does no good fretting about it. let time do its thing and try to relax. Second, to be honest it really doesnt look that bad man. Who care's what people thinks hap
  10. highschool sucks. things get alot better afterwards.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs2RGRYmuig
  12. Wow great work on this thread. Thanks alot, gonna try to eat healthier and lose some flab.
  13. I was honestly worried that posting that vid might give some desperate ppl here ideas... Although there may be some sarcasm I dont doubt some of you would do this... PLZ DONT
  14. This vid is gross, just a warning. And I'm positive this poor guy has been left with worse scarring because of this idiot doctor. But for some reason this video entrances me, it seems so cathartic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01HsNJC1lvo