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  1. Your on a good Med, I had terrible acne this time last year. Tazorac cleared me up in 4-5 months. I still have marks left over but nothing even as close as last year.. Good Luck.
  2. Got the same thing on my cheeks. Dont know what to use, currently I just use a facial wash with tea tree oil. They are fading but slowlllllllllllllly.
  3. I might give it a shot. My chest has been breaking out a bit..
  4. I no longer use tazorac or bp or anything. I use Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash Along with Gillette Mosturizer..
  5. If you can get it. I am using Gillette Mosturizer for Men and its great. Not sure if its up there in the UK.
  6. I Got Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser and it seems to be working well. I have been on it religiously for about 2 weeks, so im sticking with it along with mosturizing..
  7. You can use it as Spot Treatment with a cotton swab. I bought a facial wash with TTO, and it seems to be helping..
  8. I know you gotta stop using taz after a while. If not I still would be using it, I know for a fact though Tazorac was the only thing to clear my horrible acne.
  9. Ive started TTO Facial Wash by Desert Essence, havent broken out anywhere else. seems to be working but slowly..
  10. 1. Do I have to wait after a shower to apply the cream? I used to apply it before I went to sleep. Wash my face with warm water, wait 10 minutes then apply the taz. 2. What kind of cleanser should I use with it? Never used a cleanser. But I heard Cetaphil is best. 3. How long until I start to see improvements? 3 Months. 4. What are good regimens to use in conjunaction with the taz? My derm gave me Clindagel for the day is it anygood? I used it with Clindagel for a month