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  1. been struggling trying to find something that will get rid of my acne scars and redness. i don't wanna do any skin peels or anything of that sort due to my face being so sensitive. i've tried masks, raw honey, lemon, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, shea butter, and nothing. i'd rather much stick to organic/diy things but idk at this point i'm pretty desperate. i also tried a stamp from banish acne scars but i think the roller would be better but yeah idk lol. so any suggestions/advice??
  2. i wash my face morning and night with the acne.org face wash, apply clindamycin once a day and moisturize also both morning and night. sometimes if i remember i'll use witch hazel as a toner but that's about it
  3. so i've always had an oily face but in the past year it's gotten worse. like literally makes me look like i'm sweating and it's disgusting. i use blotting papers, i wash my face, i do wear make up all the time but even when i'm not wearing make up i still get super oily. idk i just need help with controlling it. especially now since it's summer. what are some things you guys have found that works for you??
  4. try COVER FX custom cover drops! u just add some drops into ur foundation and mix. it works great!!!! it is pricey tho but it's my fav when i'm really trying to cover up my scars. my other favs i use at the moment are make up forever mat velvet + and becca evermatte foundation Ive tried Kat von D, tarte, and other full coverage foundations but they all made my skin feel so thick
  5. Has anyone used any of Tony Moly's skin products? i bought his "so cool eye stick" and i love it but I'm scared to try his face products. I've suffered with acne for a long time and now that my skin's clear i get nervous to try new things
  6. extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Dickenson's Witch hazel also works great. if u do get on the acne.org regimen you can use the lotion to remove face make up! i find that witch hazel works best. i wear a lot of foundation and witch hazel removes it faster and i use less product
  7. if u want cheap look at NYX highlighters! Nyx is honestly the best cheap make up. and none of their products break me out. Also stick to powders not creams. creams will feel heavy and make ur skin oily (if u have oily skin). And I've tried makeup forever translucent powder and it works great! just make sure to blend it in good.
  8. girl my skin is so sensitive that turmeric irritated my face >.< but yeah i definitely needa start wearing sunblock. i hope both our faces clear up and glow cuz I'm tired of this lol
  9. yea make up covers it up easily and okay thanks! i just hate waiting lol. btw just because of your username lol, how does derma rolling work?
  10. lol you're not being rude. like i told the other guy, this is just the worst I've seen my face so it's pretty hard for me to deal with. I'm sorry tho
  11. really? thanks! i guess it's the absolute worst to me since my skin has never looked this bad. it's just hard for me to accept and not be embarrassed of my skin
  12. im so late on the reply but it won't break me out or anything? i mean I'm guessing not since johnson's is made for sensitive skin but i just want to make sure lol
  13. my skin is pretty much clear. just a couple pimples. i don't have a problem with them but i'm so tired of all the scars. i tried apple cider vinegar and there are no improvements. my mom does not agree with me trying laser treatments and it is also expensive. so please does anyone have a solution? i have really sensitive skin so nothing harsh like skin peels. I'm seriously so desperate. i just wanna be able to go out without make up and enjoy looking in the mirror when my skin is bare.