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  1. Well, let's take a statement as an example: I should be taller. What's negetive about this? It by itself it no negative at all, unless of course someone believes he should be taller. It is the thought about someting that brings stress and anxiety not the fact itself. Do the work, ask yourself the 4 questions and find out whether or not the thought was true. That's all there is to it.
  2. It's not a spin on positive thinking. It's about inquiring the reality as opposed to believing in what you think the reality is. This is a huge difference. It's a big claim but I am positive that if everyone read it, there would no need of psychologists, and prescriped drugs. And I agree that unless you actually do this stuff you are not going to believe how amazingly it works. And I am sure you'll find plenty of material on the Internet, you don't even need to buy the book.
  3. Hi, https://www.amazon.com/Loving-What-Four-Questions-Change/dp/1400045371/ Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book. It's a miracle book, like no any other (it is not about positive thinking or anything similar, the book takes a completly different approach). If someone told me that a paperbook can set me free, I would not believe it either. But I've read it and I know it for a fact. Please read this book, you'll thank me later! Here is a little trailer of what The W
  4. Hi alleballe90, I introduced the low carbs diet you are talking about nearly 3 weeks ago (I eat over 100 carbs, but thats still about 250 carbs less than before) and I did broke out on the forehead, about 5-6 red pimples, while normally I would have only blackheads there. Is initial breakout on the forehead something to expect when one switches to low carbs diet, would you agree?
  5. Hi, I have cut out gluten for nearly 3 weeks now and I did not notice any difference, I'm even inclined to say my acne got a tiny bit worse. I am not really sure it got overall worse but I now have pimples in areas where I normally never have them - on the cheeks, chest (I do have blackheads on the chest but right now I have 4-5 red pimples which I find unusual), and above the upper lip. Here is some rundown how my diet actually changed: Before: - a lot of flour products (eating 6-8 b
  6. I dont smoke but when I do (a few cigs over a day) I wake up with 3-4 new pimples the next day. Mostly on the neck. I've seen that on multiple occassions and I'm positive smoking can trigger acne in some people.
  7. It's irrelevant to Accutane. I'll get well soon. Thanks for input
  8. UPDATE: I think all the right parts are a bit swollen.
  9. Hey, I had been taking Accutane for 10 days (20 mg twice a day) prior to holding off today. Yesterday I noticed that my left side face muscles are working oddly. I am not able to close the left eye not closing the right one at the same time. Also I can't close it (the left one) very tightly, while the right eye is working perfectly. Also, the left eye is quite reddish but that I know will fade away. Moreover, the bottom lip tends to move very slightly to the right when I am speaking. I