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  1. CalmCoolShot

    Do People

    Oh yeah, I've heard "don't you wash your face?" before. I can't wash my hormones, biatch.
  2. CalmCoolShot

    Need help, especially now.

    I avoided Accutane too, because of the "scary" possible side effects. But then I realized I would be more miserable with bad acne, and nothing was working. My face looked really bad at the time, but during and after Accutane (6 months after stopping) it kept getting better. I recommend to everybody that has stubborn moderate to severe acne.
  3. CalmCoolShot

    The guy I am working with acted like such a pompous dbag

    A bitch slap in in order.
  4. I like my eyes, hair, and nose. And my brain.
  5. CalmCoolShot


    I wear sunglasses on the subway.
  6. CalmCoolShot

    Feeling discouraged while on Accutane

    I know it's not the same for everyone, but by the beginning of month 4 I was feeling pretty good.
  7. For some people, diet is definitely a factor - for me it was hormonal. Everything's not black and white.
  8. CalmCoolShot

    Bacne Suggestions?

    I use benzoyl peroxide bar soap when I get zits on my back. It does the trick for me.
  9. CalmCoolShot

    Accutane Sucks Balls

    What was your dose ?
  10. If you have moderate to severe acne, that seems like a pretty low dose. I weigh 145 and was on 40mg for the first month and then 80mg for the rest of the course. I had bad moderate acne.
  11. Before I took accutane, I tried nearly everything under the sun with no results. All acne medications I tried were a waste of time and money -- plus, the acne comes back if you stop using the "medicine". At least for my acne. Accutane was definitely a good fit for me, because nothing else worked.
  12. CalmCoolShot

    Feeling discouraged while on Accutane

    Yep, yep, yep. Don't worry -- your skin WILL IMPROVE. The dry lips just about killed me too.
  13. CalmCoolShot

    A few Accutane-related Questions

    It's a waste of time if he takes you off it AGAIN. What was the reason he gave? It's alright to miss a day here and there, but it's designed to work cumulatively. My back-knee went away after my accutane course, but it took longer than my face. Topicals on accutane is pointless. The pimples should dry up sooner or later. Adding another possible irritant to the skin -- while the skin is already temporarily thinning/dry from 'tane doing its thing -- would do more harm than good.
  14. I wouldn't be insulted. I'm terrible with names.
  15. CalmCoolShot

    rude comment

    You're thinking wayyyyy too much about it. That guy probably didn't mean any harm by it. I playfully insult friendz all the time.