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  1. bahli84

    Diane35 log

    I am also using Diane-35, and have been taking a picture of my face every sunday night as a photo log. My doctor told me that I would see a huge improvement between 6-8 weeks. It has been 9 for me now... And if anything my skin has gotten worse!!!! It got really nice and smooth and almost perfect around 4-5 weeks. It's getting so bad I'm considering going off. How long did it take for you to notice a significant improvement in your skin?
  2. Hey I was just wondering if anyone else has been prescribed the same thing, and if they have found it helps. Diane-35 is a birth control pill also prescribed for "moderate to severe acne" in females. Differin creme is a topical acne treatment. I am on my 6th week of treatment. My skin got waaaaay better after 5 weeks, but now it is breaking out the same way it did after 2. (I read in warnings for the prescriptions that acne is sposed to get worse before it gets better).
  3. My friend is in human kinetics and for a research essay he is researching acne. he has mild acne like me, and decided to do research b/c he was on medication that required him to drink FOUR LITRES of water a day (around 16 glasses, double what is usually recommended) for ten days. He said he started noticing an improvement in his skin after only a few days, but let me tell you I notice a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge improvement, and since he told me about it I've been doin the same. Makes your skin look ove
  4. i use zincofax diaper rash cream... 15% zinc oxide... I am addicted to this stuff, my skin actually looks HEALTHY!
  5. was talkin to a friend of mine earlier & she was freakin out about a zit on the end of her nose. her stepmom suggested using 15% zinc oxide on the zit, promising it would be gone within 24. Dude let me tell you it WORKS coz i had a mother of a zit on my cheek - we're talkin large red bump with TWO whiteheads on it, not one, TWO (!) and I put zinc oxide on it and it's practically gone. (Please observe new picture dated March 12 in my gallery, I am the one wit the tan 8-[ ) Anyhoo it works gr
  6. this might sound really dumb but if acne froms around hair follicles, the if you didn't have any hairs on your face at all you wouldn't get acne???? if so there should be some way of getting rid of all the hairs permanently so that acne can't form, like lazer surgery but somehow doesn't depend on skin pigment??? Coz i never get zits anywhere that i wax like my legs ya know. I mean legs aren't common spots for zits anyway but still.
  7. Yah so b/c of much laziness on my part I now only wash my face with either Cetaphil cleanser or Spectrogel (i think i spelled that wrong) twice a day no BP unless I remember and even if I do only on my known problem areas aka chin... And guess what folks... my skin's the best it's been in years. I think coz I'm not overdoing it w/ products. Anyway I've been doing this since around Valentine's day and my face has stayed very clear so hopefully it's not just a phase. I hate experimenting with my f
  8. i've heard bad things bout using hydrogen peroxide on your face ... however a friend of mine has been using it for 5 years and her skin is always clear, maybe one zit every once and a while. good luck, whatever works right!!!!!!!!
  9. Well since it's been about a year since I've updated... Okay not a year, more like 8 days... Skin is basically clear except I have the same problem I usually do.... The huge pimple on my right cheek has cleared up and that side of my face is basically perfect. But.... of course, I now have a big whitehead in the middle of my left cheek, as well as a small one under my nose & beside my chin on the left side. I think this is b/c on Friday (or was it Monday? Yes, monday) I wore full make-up t
  10. Sooo I just posted some new pics in the gallery coz it had been a while, and my skin is doing incredibly well - big red zit on right cheek is gone, just some redness still in the spot it was. Got a small whitehead right next to it, but that actually just got accidentally popped while I was washing and BPing my face 5 min ago. There is a decent sized whitehead right between my eyebrows. Maybe coz I am in desperate need of getting them waxed lol. I have started using BP every other night now,
  11. just needed to comment on what a large number of ASSHOLES post comments about peoples pics in the gallery... I am truly disgusted. This is sposed to be a place where we all support each other, is it not? People need to stop being complete jackasses and saying stupid shit like "you're ugly" or "forget acne, you're a funny looking dude" to people that are only here to help get their face in a better condition and talk to people that are in the same situation and will understand not try to bring th
  12. skin looks good can feel some big ones coming up on my chin though hopefully will just be red bumps that will leave quickly am sick and tired so going to bed... goodnight all
  13. i work as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, at an indoor pool from sept-june so baking in a chair is unfortunately not an accurate representation of guarding for me! haha. Right now I'm in the water approx six and a half hours a week, sometimes slightly more.
  14. i'd have to agree public pools are filthy... they only empty the pool i work at ONCE A YEAR.... otherwise they just dump in the granular every night and hope that takes care of it... yuck Especially knowing how MUCH shit and piss, not to mention puke, is in there.... You really gotta push it outta your mind everytime you teach!!!!!