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  1. I think this conversation is steering somewhere where it really shouldn't. I don't live in Australia so the discussion here is kinda redundant. Anyhoo, I appreciate everbody's responses. I'm going to see my dermatologist tomorrow morning and discuss the possible options of fillers with her!
  2. Aaaah, so I have had a lot of treatments with two dermatologists - the first treated me with CO2 laser+ subcision for 4 rounds with not considerable improvement between each round but overall improvement of maybe 10-15%. I recently underwent fraxel laser (which is milder) and I feel that that worked much better than subcision and Co2 laser. It's been about 4 weeks since my fraxel treatment at a new dermatologist and I see about 20-25% improvement. It was cheaper too so that's another plus. I'm
  3. Hi everyone, I am a 21 year old Asian-Indian origin female struggling from moderate-severe acne scars. I first battled moderate acne for years before going on a low dosage of accutane (10 mg) for four months after which my breakouts stopped. I haven't had a new pimple in months now (yeeeeaas, thankfully) but I have horrid horrid acne scars all over my cheeks. These are almost impossible to conceal with makeup so I had decided to visit a dermatologist who could help me get rid of these using