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  1. when i get home from school i wash off my makeup and thats washing off the BP i put on in the morning... do i reapply the bp then and AGAIN when i wash my face at night?? is that too much?? or do i just wash and moisterize?
  2. i have that and i dont like it... i cant use enough to get a good amount of bp
  3. When I put on the BP, my cheeks feel like they're burning and it feels like they're being irritated. I'm using 2.5% BP. Im using Purpose cleanser and moisturizer in the mornings and at night also. Is this normal? Will it make my acne worse in a few weeks? Becuase usually when I feel this feeling it means trouble... I hope not this time though. This is about my 3rd or 4th day on the regime. Also, when i put the lotion on, the BP seems to roll right off my face in white chunk things... is this oka
  4. do you guys feel that this would help at all with my rolling scars?
  5. can you tell me what brands you've found to be the best? and what cleansers and mouisterizers you've used with them? thanks so much
  6. i know... i know.. tanning gives you wrinkles when your older, skin cancer and all of that, but it makes my acne look way less noticeable. i went to the tanning bed back in may and i felt confidence in my apperance. ive heard that tanning is good for acne and that tanning is bad for acne. have any of you had experiences with the effects of tanning on your acne?
  7. ive had acne for almost 2 years. cystic acne sometimes too. what helped me out ALOT was being put on the birth control pill, orth-tri-cyclen. my doctor told me that 9 out of every 10 girls that get put on the pill have seen an improvement in their skin. i sure have. but you cant go on it until your acne is gone and then stop taking it. it comes back within a month. it takes a month to see results and possibly 2 to 3 months to see full results but there are other reasons to take it too. it helps
  8. i used proactiv for a few months. it dryed my skin out so bad. i tried using it once a day, and i tried differant moisturizers and everything but it was so dryed out. and usually i have oily skin. but it didnt clear my skin up any at all.
  9. man do i have blackheads... in every pore in my nose i can see them. they arent really at the surface so i cant squeeze them out... but i can see them. i feel like i cant go without makeup becuase of them. have any of you found anything that helps remove blackheads like that? oh, and this is pretty gross, but i have blackheads in my ears. i have no clue how to go about removing them... any suggestions?
  10. i used the neutrogena oil free gel cleanser for a few months and i really liked it... ive found clean and clear products to be drying. but whats even better than both of those is phisoderm for acne prone skin.
  11. hey... im 15 years old and i have cystic acne and regular acne as well. i have bad rolling scars on my chin and especially on my forehead. i have no clue how to get rid of the scars becuase we cant afford any of those special treatments that you guys talk about. im on ortho tri cyclen to help with my acne and it does... but the scars on my face scar me emotionally... please help if you can. thanks