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  1. ?? does anyone have any good at home remedies?
  2. Oh i see, thank you for the insight about suncream, i shall definitely wear it everyday now as i saw my skin worsening without applying it
  3. I have been forgetting to wear suncream after my chemical peels due to the sun been non existent where i live, however I'm starting now.. is hyper pigmentation harder to get rid of?
  4. thats very informative thank you very much, so do you suggest laser surgery? isn't there an easier or less expensive way? thanks
  5. Basically I recently got rid of the acne on my face and forehead. I'm very lucky that these spots havent created terrible scars however was wondering what the best way to get rid of these is? I've started to use a chemical peel but havent seen much difference with those 'purple marks' from the spots.. But yeah it makes me really self conscious and i do understand that my scars arent bad at all compared to some peoples.. Thanks for your suggestions! (pic attached)
  6. Hi, i'm a white male and i was just wondering what is the best product to get rid of hyper pigmentation from spots and also flat scarring, vitamin e oil or bio oil? or is there anything better then those two things??? i feel like i have been searching for an effective scar cream for so long and I'm having no luck. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to use mederma as well as using a chemical peel to get rid of some flat facial scarring? I have seen some posts on here that suggests mederma slows down collagen production, which is the reverse effect of what i want.. Thanks!
  8. I would say no, pityrosporum folliculitis is a lot worse than what you are experiencing. i would say use an exfoliator or mild spot cream or mud clay mask and it will help reduce your pores
  9. Hi, Regarding the downtime of at home chemical peels, whats the best amount of time to leave between peels, and how many days after a peel should you wear sunscreen for? Thanks!!
  10. Hi, Over the years I have formed many unsightly flat scars from acne spots, I have brown - light brown scarring with the occasional purple scar, all from spots and I have one from a chemical peel (which is fading). I was wondering what is the best product for these types of scars, and what have you found that works best for flat scarring?
  11. Hi, So a few days ago I applied too much 5% Benzoyl Peroxide to my face, when i woke up i could see where i had applied it and there was a red/pink marks all over my forehead. They didn't itch at all and were not dry or irritable they were just there, I did try and moisturise but it didnt seem to make much difference, from close up its hardly noticeable but far away you can see the outline. Is this just a general reaction? or a burn? should I leave it, or treat? And also, I was going to do a