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  1. drink a lot of water, it helps a lot. most people would agree that 2 liters a day is good.
  2. vitamin E helps your scars. http://www.acne-resource.org/acne-skin-care/vitamin-e.html
  3. Accutane if you can somehow get your hands on it.
  4. umm...iono but dont die of mercury poisoning from a lot of fish
  5. my face looks exactly the same as it does before i started this but lol it saves me money on the stuff im using so i guess thats good
  6. for me, im pretty sure washing my face more than twice a day screws over my face
  7. i think he means what regimen is the best
  8. when i started out, my face was extremely dry also. as i did it more, it got less and less dry so it should just take a little time to get used to it