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  1. Great but clogs pores if used incorrectly

    Ive never slathered it on my face and left it overnight before, but I would use it on my eyelashes and around my eyes and sometimes I'd wake up with breakouts around the area where I put it on. BUT, one time I did the African clay mask with Apple cider vinegar and the next day my face was raw, red, and flaking. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed coconut oil and massaged it into my skin and washed it off with a gentle cleanser. It calmed my skin and helped with the dryness and it didn't give m
  2. Mrl27

    Not good

    Not good

    I bought it because i needed a new cleanser and i read practically all of the reviews of this and decided it was the best one available. Cleared my skin at first and i loved the clean feeling it left me with afterwards, but it all went downhill after about a month of that. My skin was consistently broken out for months and i kept religiously using this because i thought it was the only good thing for my skin. Turns out, this product is not truly non-comedogenic, if you go to a site called acne m
  3. Mrl27



    i thought this was my holy grail but unfortunately it clogged my pores. When i first started wearing it i was inlove because it looked amazing, controlled oil, and i even got a few compliments on my skin. I was using the matching concealer too. After a few weeks of wear, i was getting into my car during a sunny day and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window and saw MANY clogged pores on my cheeks :( i stopped using it and they went away. After some time I decided to try another almay fo
  4. maybe add some pleasant smelling fragrant essential oils like lavender or geranium which also have skin benefits. (but patch test before to make sure you're not sensitive and only use a couple drops per mask.)
  5. @-John- can i ask how you use geranium oil? I don't use a moisturizer so i wouldn't be able to mix it into that.
  6. Mrl27

    Not for me

    Not for me

    Made my skin even oilier? And I noticed more pimples popping up after 2 times of using it. Also it STUNG when I first put it on. I wanted to like it because I liked the way my skin looked and felt afterwards, but it didn't last. But at least I finally know it's not for me bc I've been eyeing this mask at Walmart for months contemplating on buying it. I would recommend at least trying it out, it might work for you.
  7. I've been really interested in natural oils for skin care and I wanted to ask you guys if you had ANY experience (good or bad) with the oils I listed below. -Lavender -Tea Tree -Cedarwood -Sandalwood -Argan -Rosehip -Rosemary -Geranium -Peppermint
  8. I've been drinking 3 liters everyday (including herbal teas) and it doesn't prevent breakouts because i was going through some really bad skin even though i was drinking that much water, But when my skin in clear, i can tell that my overall complexion is benefited from staying hydrated. Also, i dont know if this could be related to water but i never experience dry skin.
  9. Over that past year or so I've been experimenting with healthier foods and focusing on improving my skin. I'm extremely passionate about food, cooking, and baking and I love to replace unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients because I didn't want to give up my love for eating delicious food because of acne. I know everyones skin is different and reacts differently to certain foods. But these are the foods/herbs that improve my skin: Pumpkin seeds- contain a lot of zinc and a slew of oth
  10. Anyone else give in and eat a bunch of junk and dessert for Christmas? I don't give a shit anymore. I'm sick of feeling guilty about eating bad. 

  11. I'm looking for a good quality pressed powder to wear over concealer or a lightweight liquid foundation. I was using BECCA perfect skin mineral powder and it looks amazing when i first put it on but it does not control my oily skin, it doesn't stay well, and it may even be contributing to break outs It wasn't labeled as non comedogenic but it said "suitable for acne-prone skin." Does anyone know of a good powder that won't clog pores and has good staying power? (high end or drug store)
  12. I don't trust people who have completely perfect skin...Lol just kidding but in reality, everyone has skin imperfections whether its wrinkles, moles, large pores, acne. oily skin, or dry skin.... its just a fact of life. And honestly, no one else is looking at our skin as much as we look at other peoples skin. (thats what i tell myself)
  13. I've decided to buy a cerave product because people have recommended it and it has gotten good reviews. My skin is oily so i got the foaming cleanser for oily skin. I just used it and it literally felt like just washing my face with water? It barely foamed up and i feel like i had to use a lot for my face to actually get clean...Does anyone have experience with this product helping them? And does anyone have any tips about how to use it? I'm going to stick with bc i needed something else to take
  14. I know what you mean. When my skin is bad and i look at it in the mirror up close, I'm horrified and my stomach twists in a knot and all i wanna do is crawl in bed and sleep. What has helped me is literally not looking in the mirror.. I go to the bathroom with the light off (theres a night light in my bathroom) And if im putting on makeup i do it in my room far away from the mirror. I avoid looking at my reflection or any type of mirror to avoid that sinking feeling. On christmas morning i got a
  15. My first serious relationship my bf had acne and scars. That was when my skin was completely clear. But the funny thing is, i barely even noticed it was there and i never even gave a second thought about it and we dated for 2 years... Well we broke up and now I've been with someone else for a while now, i've known him for a long time (even before first relationship) and he's honestly just the best and he has never said a thing about my skin. Even when my skin was RAGING with red painful pimples,