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  1. For years now I have had a little bit of scaring on both my cheeks. I have a few scars that are a cross between ice pick and box. They aren't too deep because I can see the bottom of the scar and stuff, but still deep enough and big enough to notice.I keep reading things about msm cream and it helping acne scars. I was curious if anyone has experience with trying msm and it either helped them or didn't?
  2. Yea that's what I thought i would end up having to do. I'm going to get one last jar tomorrow and start weening off. Thanks a lot!!
  3. I have been usuing benzaclin for about 5-6 years. It's defiantly helped my skin. But not as much as I hoped for so about 3 years ago I started seeing a naturopath doctor and she put me on holistic supplements to help with my hormones and etc. Thats when I saw the best improvement in my face. Now fast forward to now and I don't really take my supplements anymore but still on my cream. For the most part my face is usually good still get break outs here and there. I'm married and want to start tryi