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  1. Well,I'm on accutane 50mg daily for over two monthsa and lately I've been having some issues with my pharmacy. MY Pharmacy was out of 10mg ROACCUTANE pills,so gave me 10mg ABSORICA instead.I asked them to inform me if they can manage to get ROACCUTANE. Today,I got a call from them saying the have 10mg Roaccutane now.So my father went to the pharmacy and exchanged the ABSORICA pills with the ROACCUTANE pills. Since he doesn't know anything about my pills,it turned out that though both of them
  2. for how long were you on accutane? I got on tane for cystic acne but recently i realized that i do have folliculitis too.They were on my butt arms back and chest and now i'm noticing some on my face too.I'm afraid that i developed Gram negative folliculitis since I was on doxy for 7 months and topical clindamycin for 9 months in different forms.
  3. Like the question says,do hypertrophic scars blanch when pressure is applied and does the redness go way on its own(with time).I have got these embarassing hypertrophic scars on my cheeks(both of em) for more than year and It's really starting to affect my comfidence especially when my acne is finally clearing up with accutane(no actives!) but I still look like a pizza face. Below is a picture of my left cheek with the scars pointed out(at least I know for sure they are hypertrophic,though ther
  4. Naimur97

    I am a guy and I need makeup to hide ICEPICK scars

    Well you're certainly right about the fact that we are our own critics since we like to see oursleves in the worst possible lightnings.angles and all and try and figure out abnormalities. But cheer up man you've a manly look with the beard(which iMO sort of shifts the focus from your scars) and men have scars. I know how hard it is.I'm 18 and have the looks of a 12 year old.I started to get scars this time last year and it still hurts me from inside.The last year has been devastating for me.I
  5. Naimur97

    I am a guy and I need makeup to hide ICEPICK scars

    Hey man,it's me again. So if you want to wear makeup to hide scars,dermaflage is your best bet.It's a silicone based makeup designed to camouflage scars and it's crazy expensive. I've also given given it a thought but then realized people would say i am shallow and vulnerable when they are gonna see me without makeup. It's just my opinion and I do respect yours too.Besides your scar aren't too bad.
  6. Post as of 18/02/2016 Hello folks, I am 18(5'8"and weigh 65 kg)and of Southeast Asian-American descent.After battling with acne for over five years,I finally got accutane!You can think that my acne isn't bad enough to start accutane,but the real reason for starting the drug is that I'm extremely prone to scarring(whether I pick or not),even from whiteheads!I have also got body acne-nothing bad but quite extensive.Another thing that bothers me is that the scars also have Post Inflammatory Erythe
  7. Naimur97

    Does what it promise

    Does what it promise

    I took it mainly for scarring though my facial acne was a little worse than mild-moderate with monthly cysts*can't really call mild when having cysts).Acne on back was extensive but again,no bad lesions.Just the average pustules and papules.Has been on accutane for over two months and seeing less acne as time goes by.My back is almost clear and my face and arms get little weekly zits.But the truth is the skin peeling due to the excessive drying made my scars worse. Giving it a 4 stars now a
  8. DAY 115-BEEN ON 60 MG a day since 25/05/16 The last 20 days or so have been quite depressing for me.It's not because of my acne but other stuffs. have been stressing about my red hypertrophic scars too much,especially because my skin is finally clearing and I'm still stuck with around 5 spots that resemble mainlined cysts. That's not the end.The accutane stories in this website is so depressing(at least the vast majority of it).ALMOST EVERYONE who went through an accutane course reported that
  9. Naimur97

    When did your teenage acne go away

    come on people atleast you can vote for it never went away if it really didn;t go way
  10. Poll-When did your teen acne go away?
  11. Thanks for the consolation.However,this is my good cheek.My right cheek is even worse with both hypertrophic and indented scarrings. The redness makes them even worse.
  12. Nice to hear about your progress. BTW do you happen to have any body acne?
  13. Naimur97

    Accutane log 2016

    IMO it's not beneficial to use any sort of topical that dry out your skin.You are not seeing any drying effects with accutane yet but once you are in your 3rd week,your skin is gonna get really irritated due to excessive drying(both BPO and adapalene cause peeling and drying) .Plus the red marks would be accentuated since your skin is irritated. I used Benzoyl peroxide 4% throughout the first month and it caused horrible skin peeling which left me with saucer like(shallow rolling) scars.
  14. Naimur97

    Accutane log 2016

    Hang in there pal.The first few weeks are gonna be the worst.However,never opt to quit accutane even if your acne gets twice as worse than what you have now.Remeber accutane is the best thing you've done for your acne. BTW we both are similar in many ways,same skin tone,about the same age and ughh,those red scars(I am much more scarred than you though). I hope u keep us updated throughout your journey.GOOD LUCK!
  15. False red alert! I was in the E.R friday night since I thought I was having an heart attack.But it turns out that I was just having a bad gastric related pain in my chest and my back.E.C.G was fine.I just need a couple of injections to reduce my pain. Boy,I was so frightened.
  16. Shit! I guess i am experiencing a very rare side affect of accutane-Bronchospasm.Had some pain first at the center of my chest and now having difficulty breathing. P.S-I used to have asthma.
  17. Naimur97

    What Lengths Have You Gone to Treat Your Acne?

    Experimenting with all possible home remedies and topical OTC medications mentioned in this site. And this site mentions some crazy treatment too.One of them is URINE therapy,yes urine!!And I did try it for a couple of days when I was breaking out like crazy with cysts(at this time-last year).The idea was gross and I don't know whether it worked since I would keep it on for about an hour before bed,and that too for only two days.
  18. Naimur97


    hey i see no picture
  19. Naimur97

    how should I treat these scars?

    I see you've got a variety of scars ranging from icepick to rolling to boxcar.Your scars are quite shallow(most of 'em).Combination treatments of multiple sessions would be need to achieve around 70-80% improvement,which is frickin great.Totally agree with the other two replies.Start with less aggressive treatments before going for the big guns.But it's going to be expensive since it's gonna be a trial and error method.That's why many people saves money and plunge right into laser resurfacing.Fi
  20. DAY 83-NO noticeable breakout or any major zit.Still on 50 mg.Weird thing is my skin started to get oily,especially the T zone,unlike the first two months. CAN ACCUTANE CAUSE SCARRING? The answer,in my opinion is it may or may not! I know may people say picking and popping during accutane leads to severe scarring.But leaving them alone might not.But In my case,I got scar from excessive skin peeling during the end of 1st month and early 2nd month.Maybe it was my fault since I wasn't moisturizing
  21. Naimur97


    Hang in there.Its definitely gonna get better.Remember not to pick or pop.Accutane is a serious drug and messing with your skin while you are on it may lead to some unwanted scarrings. Good Luck
  22. Thanks for the response. I agree with you that you should atleast try for 120mg/kg.Many derms say 150mg/kg is ideal because the chances of recurrence is less than 120mg/kg.
  23. Hey there @tranceaddict! Your skin's looking amazing.Great results so far.So what's your cumulative dosage gonna be?I assume somewhere around 120-150 mg/kg? BTW,at what age were you able to grow your beard?I know it's irrelevant but I'm almost 19 and can't even grow a goatee!Just hoping my facial hair starts filling in with age so that I can hide my scars to some extent. Good Luck on your course!
  24. 08/05/2016 DAY 80- I was away from the site for sometime due to my SAT. It really sucks for not being in America,travelling from one country to another,and not being able to take the SAT when I was supposed to. Still going on 50 mg day.Maybe I'll be bumped to 60 mg on my next visit.The nodule under my nose which appeared on early April is shrinking slowly.Among new spots,another nodule grew beside my left ear.Actually,it is a not a new spot.I had this lump like zit for a long time( probably it
  25. Naimur97

    Subcision is Los Angeles area..

    Hey man!! I don't know if you had the subcision done yet but in case you are still mulling over where to get it done you can look into Dr. David Rahimi's clinic,He has got pretty good reviews all over the internet and there are pictures to prove it.I'm also thinking about flying to Cali and get my scars treated once I finish my accutane course since Cali is inarguably the best state for cosmetic procedures.