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A little too irritating for me.
Decided to give it a shot after my derm wanted to switch me from clindamycin phosphate.Turns out the skin peeling is little too much for me.However dries up the worst of zits pretty quickly.

By Naimur97,

Good but not great
Was on it for 9 months along with doxycycline and had somewhat clear skin for 4 months in-between.Works pretty well for cystic acne.

By Naimur97,

Works but very irritating
Like the title says,very irritating but fair enough for mild to moderate acne.And since it causes skin flaking(at least for me),it gave me hypermigmentation.

By Naimur97,

Works for very mild acne
I started using it when I was in the UAE for the first time(the time I started experimenting with different products).On 2014,I had mild acne and it helped to some extent.But I was looking for something more,so I changed to a different wash. Bought it again at 2015 when I started to get cystic acne(I didn't know what were they) and did literally nothing.So eventually I just emptied the whole container in the toilet. Have more than 5 zits,it's not for you.

By Naimur97,

Bad fragrance but good enough
Maybe the best scrub I laid my hands on.However,It feels a little oily and the smell is like the one you get from dumpsters.

By Naimur97,

Um okay,I guess.
My doc gave it to me mainly because of red marks(which later turned out to be Post Inflammatory Erythema)..Didn't really use it on spots since I was on Topical clindamycin HCL.Helps PIH a great deal.However,recently,I found it to be doing well on cystic and pustular lesions.

By Naimur97,

Does what it promise
I took it mainly for scarring though my facial acne was a little worse than mild-moderate with monthly cysts*can't really call mild when having cysts).Acne on back was extensive but again,no bad lesions.Just the average pustules and papules.Has been on accutane for over two months and seeing less acne as time goes by.My back is almost clear and my face and arms get little weekly zits.But the truth is the skin peeling due to the excessive drying made my scars worse. Giving it a 4 stars now and will give it 5 once I get clear and continue to be that way.

By Naimur97,

Fair enough!!
Not as efficient as 10% BPO but does it job.Not over drying if used properly.Upside is the fragrance is not bad as other benzoyl peroxide creams.It will treat the spots.but takes it time.

By Naimur97,

Works better than other antibiotics
I am taking 50 mg a day for more than three weeks now and what I noticed is it reduced the frequency of having breakouts.In these 3 weeks I only had three pustules whereas I used to get atleast two every week.Dunno if it's gonna clear me,but still hoping for the best. P.S-Never go for azithromycin.It may do more harm than good.

By Naimur97,

Absolutely Ridiculous
I used to have a few number of pauples and at times an occasional pustules when I decided to go for this drug.But what it did was more harm than good.I saw no improvements at all.My skin literally went haywire.I started getting big pustules all over my cheeks and forehead and quite a few number of cysts as well.And those bastard cysts didn't forget to scar my face. So what I ask you people is to not go for this one.Antibiotics can also harm your skin as they kill good bacteria as well.If you still choose antibiotics,pick something from the tetracycline family. Azithromycin was never meant to treat acne.

By Naimur97,

Great cleanser but not so great for acne(maybe)
I will give it 4 stars for the benefit of doubt since I am also taking oral antibiotics(doxycycline 50 mg a day).I used to have a pimple every two or three days with an occasional cyst.But since my last appointment to the doc I only had 3 new pimples in two weeks.

By Naimur97,