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  1. Actually yes! I have a scar between my eyebrows that I asked her to fill and she said she doesn’t like to fill that spot because if filler gets into the wrong area there, it can lead to blindness! So just avoid the area between your eyebrows
  2. I honestly don't remember if there was a consultation fee - sorry! I would just call and ask if you're in the area. Yes, I don't have icepick scars which I know wouldn't respond to subcision and filler. I'm thankful that after years of treatments and thousands of dollars, I've found something that actually works for my skin and is worth the time and money. I never asked her about this filler particularly. She said I can come every 6 months (which I prefer because it just makes me feel
  3. I believe it was called Pico xD laser
  4. I have been updating on this site forever, but I have to share what has made the biggest difference in my skin. I’ve done subcision, laser, and microneedling (in office and at home), and the BIGGEST difference I’ve ever seen is with filler. My dermatologist is Dr Gonzalez at Bowes Dermatology in Miami. She uses Belotero filler on me. It’s expensive, honestly, at $700 each vial (I only need one) plus the cost of subcision if she does that too (I’m not sure how much she charges for that)
  5. She didn’t say what she was using for the subcision. She just said she was doing it to create a space for the fillers if the scars appeared tethered. she simply called the laser “pico,”’ not sure which exact one. She actually offered to do the laser for free, so I’m not too concerned about whether or not it’ll make a huge difference. Free is my favorite price so I’ll take it lol. yes, the nokor left insertion marks for about 7-10 days but they faded. It was similar to post ac
  6. Last time I posted was Dec 2019 when I posted about the scar treatments I had done over the years. In the last two years, I’ve had 2 or 3 icon Xd laser treatments and a few skin pen treatments. Most recently, I did fillers which I had been putting off for fear they’d somehow make it look worse. I will say I think fillers are the quickest and most effective thing I’ve done in terms of seeing instant results. my doctor did quick subcision on some scars first, then she used a wh
  7. My subcisions were performed by Dr Morganroth in mountain view California. No fillers were used (California skin institute) my laser and dermapen were performed in Miami at Bowes Dermatology. The laser was called icon xd
  8. The pictures on the left are before I did any treatments. Unfortunately that was years ago so my camera quality wasn’t as good. I’m actually quite happy with my results. Some scars are almost gone. Most are much more shallow. I used to only be able to see my scars. They’re starting to improve enough that I can see past them now. I’ve accepted the fact that they’ll never be gone completely, but gradual improvement is enough for me. ive done 4 rounds of subcision ($6,000 total) ive
  9. Yes. You should look at my old thread for photos of my skin before and after I had the subcisions and compare those photos to the photo on here so you can see how my skin has changed and maintained results in the last few years. I’m glad I did the subcision - it made my scars less “jagged” looking to me and the results lasted. Yes, I couldn’t find any either. The only thing I could find was a video of the nurse who did the laser on me getting it done herself. I was nervous she was only
  10. So many people have asked me for updates on my skin post subcision. As mentioned before, I had 4 subcisions and my last one was a few years ago. I have since moved from San Francisco to Miami, and I wanted to see if a doctor down here had any ideas for how to further improve my skin. I went to Bowes Dermatology and met with a nurse there. She told me she did not suggest any more subcision because it is so expensive. She said fillers were best used after subcision, so she didn’t recommend t
  11. Hi I just read your information on subcision and thank you for all the information that you put I just got my first one on February 8th I'm going for my second one March 2nd like you read your information on subcision and thank you for all the information that you put I just got my first one on February 8th I'm going for my second one March 2nd like you I felt like there was no results but I do see the scars a little later do you have any pictures of how your skin looks now I would greatly appreciate it and can you also let me know what suction means so I can do that because I didn't do that on my first session and high with suction my face and for how long? Thank you so much I hope you respond soon it's just so stressful because it's a lot of money and I would love to see someone else's results your first pictures that you have on your first session great your skin looks really pretty I'm happy for you

  12. Update: the top 2 pictures were taken summer 2016 right before my 4th and final subcision. The middle pictures were taken early 2017 in the same lighting (about 5 months after my last subcision). the bottoms pictures are just close ups of how my skin currently looks. You can see my scars are clearly still there, but they are improved from when I began my journey over a year ago. I'm still very pleased with my decision to do subcision, and every 6 weeks or so, I continue working on my scars b
  13. Ok so here's a month post my (for now) final subcision. I'm super happy with the results. Some scars are nearly gone and many of them are much more shallow. The pictures on the left are before I had any subcisions, and the right pictures are after 3. On the right, I just showered so my skin is a little red and makeupless, but hopefully you can still see the difference and be inspired to try subcision if your scars bother you xo
  14. Update after subcision 3: im currently 2 weeks post my third subcision, and I can't believe how improved my skin looks. I was not expecting such a difference this time, so I'm going to wait to take pictures until I'm sure all swelling is down and the results are permanent. After the procedure, a couple of scars pretty much went right back to where they were, but this time I had quite a few hematomas (lumps) under some scars my doctor subcised, and those scars improved the most, so I really thin
  15. Thanks, guys! Some days are better than others, and some pictures are better than others, too. My scars are all definitely still present, just less so. As far as the suction device, at first I bought a hand held vacuum but that seemed to not be strong enough. My second subcision I used the nozzle on the regular vaccum and just put my fingers between my face and the nozzle to keep from bruising, but the suction was much stronger and I think that worked better.