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  1. On the Candida front, get tested for it. But be careful not to get caught up delving into said problems that perhaps stem from bad gut health, meanwhile letting the cystic acne permanently scar you. Have you considered trying a long-term, low-dose of Accutane? It significantly reduces the side effects, whilst still providing the same results.
  2. A basic wash like Cetaphil or QV. Don't think of a face wash as a means for controlling Acne though.
  3. Acne did drain my life for the better part of three years. Since its departure, I have done so much more and moved forward. Although for some it is just something to whine about for now, and will be replaced almost instantly post-acne, I really do think that it's a far more detrimental disorder than a whole bevy of others. One thing I have noticed is that this place is for the most part a negative one. It took leaving it to notice. And that is not to say that there is nothing positive about it
  4. I personally think that my skin responded to a routine that consisted of showering and apply meds at night, then simply a basic moisturiser/sunscreen in the morning. It seemed less irritating. I cannot see any real efficacy in any medicated washes. They're on for seconds, what can it really do?
  5. p.s. My advice is to steer clear of any Dermalogica products, they're a joke to put things simply. I have personally tried the microfoliant, it's a waste of money and time.
  6. Exfoliate gently with a soft wash cloth, in the shower. Then apply a dab of jojoba oil into your palms, mix into both hands and apply to your face. Pat dry with a towel. Whilst your skin is still warm, apply your moisturiser in soft, circular motions.
  7. Persistent Acne un-responsive to other treatments. Accutane.
  8. Environ produce a reputable Vitamin C topical. And I personally love QV facial sunscreen - it goes on lightly, leaves no streaks/whiteness and I have never been burnt whilst having it applied to my face. Though it isn't chemical free... I personally can't stand the chemical free one's.
  9. It isn't just the person being shy, it's a lack of confidence brought on by a physical imperfection. Acne is debilitating. You can cop an earful about building yourself up, working towards changing your thinking etc., but the bottom line is that if you remove the physical impedance, you're going to be taking a HUGE step towards social confidence. I think the hardest part is accepting that until you rid yourself of the acne, the majority of acne sufferers will suffer mild-moderate social anxi
  10. So, in order to empower yourself, you plan to treat only the mediocre folks of this world with much negative judgement? But the visually fortunate & unfortunate will be spared? Wouldn't you prefer to live and let live? Maybe even get happy? Perhaps put your powers to something more productive and positive?
  11. I've had a few pimples in the past, but it was only recent that I started breaking out (LIKE CRAZY!). It's been about 4 months now. I didn't have scars in the summer... I think my scars are from extractions, but my aesthetician said it'll "fall off" magically one day. Hope she's right! I can't say I've ever heard of a scar falling off. There are probably more effective modalities for the treatment of scarring. From my experience, for the most part, Aesthetician's are a sandwich short of
  12. Retin-A is a topical retinoid, it's attempting to do exactly what Accutane does. You've obviously had persistent Acne, or at least Acne bad enough to warrant the use of Accutane? So is it really that surprising you've some scarring? The key is generally to remove the causation of the scarring, then deal with what's left. Post-Acne. If you over-complicate things, your skin can become irritated. Irritation is likely to cause more Acne, and you're back at square one. But with more potential for
  13. I have two tripods from sci art, plus two blue globes and one red. And a step-down transformer which means they're okay for both 110V & 240V supplies. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *