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  1. is it normal that when i use jojoba oil or any other natural on my face sebum/dirt/oil will start to come out. If i rub the oil into my skin I guess its sebum will start to come out in little clumps or balls, but it doesnt stop. I thought it would be helpful to use the jojoba oil to get all the stuff out of my pores but it never comes to a points when im rubbing it on my skin that all this stuff stops coming out. I could rub all this stuff out of my face for like an hour and it still would keep
  2. I guess I wasnt very clear...the pictures are from before I broke out which caused scars. I thought I added that in somewhere, but maybe it didnt make sense. I hope someone will answer the pictures were to show my skin tone so other people with similar skin could share their input. I do not look like this anymore and I have dark marks all over my face. I just thought showing a picture of my skin before would better show the tone then a picture from now. Thanks for the responses anyways.
  3. Try using hydrocolloid bandages. They help to heal wounds faster and they absorb moisture. I just found out about these and after researching more I found that they are actually suppose to be really helpful for acne but are not very commonly used. I put one on just over night and it helped my picked at scab look better by the next day.
  4. Does anyone have a good way to treat scars /dark marks for mixed /biracial skin. My mother is white and has fair skin and my Father is Hispanic and has very tan skin. My Skintone currently is light /medium but I can get very tan. I attached a couple pictures to show what my skin tone is. But the problem ive found with having a darker skin tone or being mixed is that scars, at least in my experience, turn brown or a little darker than my natural skin color. And everyone will say is because I pick
  5. What causes skin that was always normal to suddenly become oily? Sometimes oil/sebum will literally just drain or ooze out of my pores. This has only started in the last month. It's really noticeable that I have much more sebum in my pores when I pluck my eyebrows. I've never had this happen before until recently. When I pluck the stray hairs the spot that it came from will fill up will sebum. And I can see on the hair i plucked out at the end that was in the skin that there is sebum attached. W
  6. They don't really seem to look like milia. From my experience milia are usually pretty small little white dots almost. You cant squeeze them out! They're so annoying! I had milia around my nose for probably 10 years and then I got them extracted. Not that is a good thing, but do the bumps you have pop or if you have tried does anything come out? You can try to squeeze out milia as much as possible and they don't budge unless you prick them open and a little white bead will come out. If they are
  7. Has anyone else had experience with taking Valium, Xanax, or other Benzodiazepine drugs and either causing acne or clearing it up. Or going off any of these medications which resulted in acne. I stopped Valium about the same time I developed acne and I'm wondering if it is related.
  8. It seems like the testosterone level is the problem from other people's responses, but I would get another opinion on the thyroid problem if you could. My sister has thyroid disease. She lost a lot of weight, her hair was falling out, and she had really big bags under her eyes. The doctors my parents took her to never diagnosed her with a thyroid problem. My grandpa was the one who suggested that my parents take her back to another doctor and ask about her thyroid. She was very young when this a
  9. Please help if anyone knows anything. I'm getting more and more depressed about this. Im 23 years old and I've had pretty decent skin my whole life with occassional blemishes around my period or if I was stressed. Last August I moved from ohio to new york city and this is when everything started. I started to get small little white bumps on my chin and I thought they were pimples so I would try to squeeze them and nothing happened and they would just get irritated and red. I went to the dermot