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  1. why can't I upload photos. I'm missing 3 weeks update of my accutane treatment. It started after the acne org update help!
  2. beyb14

    my accutane journey

    i started taking accutane on 25th of june. im on 30mg a day for 7 months
  3. heres an update of my acnetrex treatment.. on thursday will be the end of my week 6 and im happy to see that my skin is improving. Most of the bumps are flattened. Same dose (30mg a day) and same side effects. Attach here are photos comparing my 3rd and 6th week.
  4. beyb14

    Week 6

    So its my 6th week of the treatment. I do not often write here since im uploading pictures in my gallery to share my progress. I just went to my derm for my monthly check up and im good to go on with my prescription since my bloodtest is pretty good. I also undergo extraction today as my derm suggested to lessen the inflamation. So its kinda gross now to take pictures. My face is pretty much okay compare to 2nd to 4th week. Lots of pimples are flattening. And im happy to see that accutan
  5. Wow your skin is amazing...hopefully will also work for me since mine was worse
  6. Started isotretenoin june 25th and its my 33rd day now...during my 2nd week i think i already had the IB since my acne got worse and and at the end of 3rd week, im starting to see a little improvements. My acne is drying out and some old acne are fading but leaves pimple marks and pigmentation though looking at my face is terrible. my face is so red and bumpy acne are all over my face..you can view my gallery and warn you its so gross. I just want this to be over bcause i cant stand how people
  7. beyb14

    4th week

    Nothing change..its a lot worse and painful😷
  8. lucyintheskyofdiamonds yes you're right i do also pick those pims but i notice they are just reforming every now and then..what im doin now is just let it heal itself and i think its helping.. i do not wear make now cause its just so painful to put some and it irritates my face too.. thank u for letting me know..
  9. KWRHL i got mine for 1,300 pesos per box 10 mg 3 boxes a month since im on 30mg 88USD for a month..does acnetrex covered by insurance here in our country? I havent ask my derm about it
  10. Hi im from philippines..im also in acnetrex for 3 weeks now. Im on 30mg a day for 7months.. i think ve i just got IB all over my face and its sucks..nice to find pinoy here..how was your face now .are u totally cleared?
  11. Hi im 24 and suffering from severe acne..u can see my pics, mine might much worse than yours. It is more depressing in my part since i have to face hundreds of students a day(i work as a teacher).. and coworkers keep on noticing me.. im on 3rd week and breaking out even more..however i want my self back to life thus keeping all faith..i dont care what might people say...i go to school without any make up cause i think it will get worse with make up on. its good thing cause they will going to s
  12. I can totally feel you...mine was worse too.im on 3 week with 30 mg a day and im breaking out badly. It gotten worse.cant hardly resist popping those pus filled cyst..and trying so hard to avoid it..worst part was that its so frustrating bec. I work as a teacher and had to face hundred of students a day and i also feel depressed of how my co workers keep noticing my face "what happen to your face???" the hell i dint wish for it..just so thankful for those who understand my situation and keep rem
  13. Ill take ur advice My derm already prescribed me prednisone on tge beginning of accutane but only for 2 weeks
  14. Cant resist picking my pimples ive just had IB and its all over my face its taking away my self esteem. Im on tane 3 weeks now and my pimples are just horrible..should go back to my derm and have some extraction or just let it there till it heals.its just so annoying
  15. Im on tane for 3 days now...i think i already suffering mild symptoms such joint pain dry mouth and lips...are these really happening on 1st week?